Someone Remade The Star Is Born Trailer With Muppets And Its Perfect

A Star is Born is a movie with a lot of buzz going into awards season, but that doesn't mean it can't be made better with Muppets. Everything is better with Muppets, and as proof, some insane genius has taken the audio track from the A Star is Born trailer and overlayed it on clips of the Muppets, specifically, with Bradley Cooper being played by Kermit the Frog, and looking even more handsome because of it, and of course, Miss Piggy as Lady Gaga. Check it out.

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While Kermit the Frog sounding like Bradley Cooper and Piggy sounding like Gaga are pretty funny in their own right, the highlight of the trailer might be the opening when we realize the voiceover from Dave Chapelle is coming from Fozzie Bear. That's a little amazing and now I want more of it. It fits, Fozzie is Kermit's best friend, and in this case, both roles are being played by stand-up comedians. Most, if not all, of the clips, come from the 2011 movie The Muppets, which saw the characters coming out of retirement to put on a show in order to save their old theater. The plot is similar enough that the transition to A Star is Born works pretty well.

The post accompanying the trailer from comedian Kevin T. Porter jokes that this is yet another remake of A Star is Born. The film has been made three times before making this the fourth time the film about a past his prime musician finding a hot young talent and trying to make her a star. Every time the film has been made previously it's been a major awards contender and based on the buzz coming from the film today, that seems destined to happen once again. Of course, based on this trailer I feel like the film would have a better chance if the roles were all played by Muppets, but maybe that's just me.

While the future looks bright for Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, seeing this video makes one wonder exactly what is going on with the Muppets. Several months ago it was reported that Kermit and the gang could be coming back as a new series on Disney's upcoming streaming platform, though that has yet to be confirmed. The popular puppets have been on a sort of hiatus since The Muppets TV series was canceled, with their only recent original content coming in the form of a series of YouTube shorts. Based on the popularity of this video, it's safe to assume that the Muppets are still very popular, people wouldn't bother with this just to hear the audio track from the original trailer again, so hopefully, we will see them again sooner rather than later. If it happens to be in a parody of A Star is Born, that would be fine.

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