Halloween: Rate And Discuss With Spoilers

Halloween Michael Myers ready to strangle someone with a chain

Halloween is no longer just the night Michael Myers came home, it's now the night Laurie Strode came to fight! After much hype and the sequel slate being wiped clean, the direct sequel to John Carpenter's 1978 classic has finally landed. Which means it's time to rate and discuss this new contender to the horror throne.

Critically, Halloween has done rather well, with our own Eric Eisenberg saying the following in his official review:

It's simultaneously both a wonderful tribute to the story that started it all, and a post-modern reflection that often giddily subverts everything that's perfect about the legacy of the killer Michael Myers.

Of course, this isn't Critic's Corner, it's Rate and Discuss. Which means we want your thoughts about what Halloween did right, what it did wrong and what it should do going forward. Keeping that in mind, we'd like you to review the following discussion questions pertaining to the film. Provide your answers in the comments section below to the following:

Was Halloween (2018) worth the wait?Do you think any of the sequels should have been kept in the continuity?What was your favorite kill in the film?How long did it take you to figure out that Dr. Sartain wasn't quite the good guy?Do you think Allyson is going to become a killer, based on that final shot of the film?Should Halloween continue as a Strode family saga, or is it time to try and bring back the anthology approach?

In addition to the questions we've provided above, we'd like all of you in the audience to provide us with a star rating for Halloween, on the traditional scale of 0 to 5. Using the poll below, please log your rating. Don't forget to share your score, and the reason behind it, with your comments at the end

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Finally, as we lay Michael Myers to rest yet another time, let's honor his career of infamous murders with some further reading. In particular, we were able to score some remarks from Halloween creator John Carpenter and Blumhouse's Jason Blum about how they feel the recent horror boom will eventually pan out.

Next, if you're looking to refresh yourself about what to remember from Halloween 1978, we've got you covered with a handy list that plays to that very subject. Plus, we've taken a deep dive into the ending of Halloween 2018 and provided some thoughts on where the series could go next.

Also, we talked to Jamie Lee Curtis about the previously convoluted continuity, and how it just didn't work; something that even co-writer/director David Gordon Green had to admit in letting Halloween II slip out of the official canon. Last, but not least, if you're wondering how Jason Blum feels about further sequels to Halloween, he was very open about his thoughts on the subject.

Happy Halloween to all of you out there reading Rate and Discuss! Have fun with whatever you choose to watch this weekend, but don't forget to be extra careful out there. There's no telling where or when The Shape will return, and you need to be ready.

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