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Seth Rogen Says It Was 'Weird' Watching The Lion King With Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

Timon and Pumbaa in the Lion King remake

The lion has always been known as the king of beasts, but there's no actual proclamation that makes it so. Unlike with people, where there are actual people who have been deemed kings and queens throughout the world and throughout history. The Lion King recently had its U.K. premiere in London, and along for the ride was the actual royal family.

The Duke and Dutchess Harry and Megan were in attendance at the premiere event, and Seth Rogen recently told Good Morning America that watching the movie with them was quite strange because they were actual royalty. According to Rogen...

It was weird watching a movie with so many royal themes with actual royal people. I kept thinking like, ‘Is this connecting with them in a way that I don’t understand?’ It must’ve.

To be fair, it might. While the Royal Family of Great Britain doesn't hold the political power it once did and is mostly ceremonial, it's a place of prestige that one is born into through random happenstance. Nobody actually did anything to earn a place, and yet, there's an expectation that comes with the position that nobody asked for. If you're Prince Harry, you have to live your life in a certain way because of who your parents are. He can probably relate to Simba in some way.

The entire concept of a king is part of what makes The Lion King feels so foreign and magical to an American audience. While there's a clear love of the Royal Family by many in the U.S., part of the reason for that is that we don't have kings and queens of our own.

Simba's story is about his attempt to reject his birthright after he makes what he believes is a terrible mistake. However, in the end, Simba realizes he has a duty to live up to as the son of the king.

Of course,there's no need to actually be born royal to have a strong connection to The Lion King. The original was a movie holds a special place in the heart of pretty much everybody that has seen it

It seems quite likely that the new remake will have a largely similar impact on the new audience, both those that have seen the original before and those that have not. For better or worse, the new Lion King is largely unchanged compared to the original, beyond it's visually stunning look.

Check out the full comments of Seth Rogen and director Jon Favreau in the video below.

The Lion King remake is looking to be just as massive a hit this time around as it was in the mid-90s. It will almost certainly be one of the highest grossing films of the year. The wait to find your place in the Circle of Life ends Friday.

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