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Anton Yelchin’s Documentary Will Also Feature His Music

Green Room Alia Shawkat and Anton Yelchin playing together on stage

Acting as a posthumous tribute to the late Anton Yelchin, the documentary Love, Antosha will feature family and friends talking about the impact the young actor’s career had on them, as well as the world at large.

Featuring discussion of his film career, as well as his work in other media such as photography and music, it is a true celebration of what Anton Yelchin had accomplished, and what might have been if he wasn’t so tragically taken. The musical angle is particularly interesting, as it’s been revealed that Love, Antosha will have a soundtrack that showcases a side of Anton Yelchin’s career most wouldn’t have known about.

Through his work in a punk band known as “The Hammerheads,” Love, Antosha will find a handful of that group’s work incorporated into the film’s sonic landscape. Learning of Anton Yelchin’s involvement in such a musical endeavor does feel pretty fitting, as it must have helped him prepare for his role as a punk rocker in director Jeremy Saulnier’s Green Room.

Naturally, along with the music’s presence in the film, the band’s members will be featured alongside the likes of Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Kristen Stewart and John Cho, as subjects reflecting on Anton Yelchin’s brief but meaningful legacy.

The information comes from an item in THR, which helps build up the profile for the documentary film. The movie will go into limited release at the beginning of August. Love Antosha had premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, and with the third anniversary of his death taking place in recent memory, it’s perhaps the best time to run a film that warmly recalls Yelchin and his artistic spirit.

Though several years have passed, the memory of Anton Yelchin’s artistic contributions is still as strong as ever, especially with a fourth Star Trek film seeming to have floundered. Should that project have ever gotten off the ground, it probably would have been incredibly difficult to figure out how to move forward without his Chekov on board.

At least there’s comfort in knowing that Love, Antosha will show the world the work that came from Anton Yelchin’s love of music and photography, in a way that they’ve never seen before. Though if you’re looking to get a taste of what the film will offer musically, you’ll be able to jump in sooner than you think.

The soundtrack to Love, Antosha has just been released, as both a digital download and a physical CD, in anticipation of its opening in Los Angeles on August 2, with the New York opening taking place the week after.

In the meantime, if you’re wondering what other films are on the market between now and this film’s premiere, you can check out our 2019 release schedule to find out what’s next in line.

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