Zack Snyder Just Dropped A Ton Of Trivia About Flash And Time Travel In The DCEU

Ezra Miller as The Flash in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

The theatrical cut of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice left many viewers with a number of lingering questions. And while the Ultimate Edition managed to clarify a few things, some plot points remained unclear, particularly the Flash’s brief encounter with Bruce Wayne. Well, now director Zack Snyder has dropped some major facts regarding Barry Allen’s time-traveling activities.

Zack Snyder took to Vero to livestream Batman v. Superman and provide commentary on the film. When reaching the scene in which Bruce is decrypting LexCorp information from his drive and is visited by a futuristic version of Barry Allen, the director dropped a few big revelations.

First, Snyder stated that he believes Barry Allen was the one to put Bruce Wayne to sleep and send him into the Knightmare sequence. On top of this, Snyder says Allen did this with the use of the Cosmic Treadmill. The reason Allen would have likely done this is so that Bruce could get a clear look at what the future would become if Lois Lane was killed. As a result, Wayne would hopefully view the Knightmare world as a true premonition as opposed to a dream.

Snyder also revealed that his five-film arc would have featured a conversation in which Bruce is actually the one chosen to go back in time. In addition, the director explained that there were two actual possibilities in which he could have been sent back in the timeline.

Finally, Zack Snyder also revealed that Barry Allen received time-travel help from a fellow Justice League member – Cyborg. Apparently, Cyborg helped to send Barry to speak to Bruce, which is what we saw in Batman v. Superman. However, Snyder asserts that Barry would have wanted Cyborg to send him to a second location in time, as his encounter with Bruce in BvS happened too soon.

To say these are some pretty big revelations would be an understatement. They not only reveal more of what Snyder planned for his arc, but they also shed some light on how time travel works in the DC Extended Universe.

The Knightmare sequence has been a major point of speculation among fans, and this does provide some well-needed clarity. But there are still more questions that can be drawn from Snyder’s words. For instance, when was the Cosmic Treadmill going to be formally introduced into the DCEU, and what was that second location Victor and Barry were aiming for?

Snyder’s version of Justice League likely would have at least laid the groundwork for this plot point but, due to the changes during production and the shift in the DCEU’s direction, it’s unlikely that we’ll get concrete answers. Nevertheless, the campaign behind the release of the Snyder Cut is still going strong, and there’s always a chance fans will get to see where the filmmaker was taking things.

We’ll keep you posted on updates relating to the “Release the Snyder Cut” movement as they arrive.

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