Zack Snyder's Justice League Would Have More Knightmare Scenes In It

Batman in the Knightmare scene

Crumbs get dropped, periodically, by Zack Snyder about what the director planned to include in his cut of Justice League… the one that’s sitting in canisters on his shelf as fans in the Release the Snyder Cut movement fight to get it released. Snyder has hinted at the presence of Green Lanterns, and a scene where Harry Lennix’s General Swanwick turns into Martian Manhunter. What?!

The most recent reveal from Snyder arrived in Vero, his preferred social media outlet, and it confirmed that Zack Snyder’s Justice League would have more scenes in Batman’s Knightmare vision, first witnessed in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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The question was asked of Zack Snyder by a fan after the director posted a photo of his Batman, Ben Affleck, wearing the tactical combat suit from the Knightmare scene in BvS. If you don’t recall, in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) has a nightmare where an angry Superman (Henry Cavill), his troops and the Parademons have overwhelmed our planet. It was a hint of what might have been to come if and when Darkseid came to Earth.

The scene looked like this:

Zack Snyder has been teasing dedicated fans for two years now about content in the Justice League movie that he created, and here he confirms that his longer version would return to the Knightmare realm, perhaps to set the stage ever further for the arrival of Darkseid. None of this is present in the theatrical cut of Justice League – the one “directed” by Joss Whedon – so now we are curious where Snyder would have worked in his return trip to this hellacious landscape.

The fan asked the question underneath this photo of Batfleck, which Snyder posted on Vero.

Ben Affleck as Batman on Vero

And that actually got some fans wondering on social media if it’s a photo that Zack Snyder had from the Batman v Superman days, or if this is a fresh look at Batman from Zack Snyder’s Justice League. No confirmation has arrived yet, and the fight to restore Snyder’s vision for Justice League wages on to this day.

Personally, I think Snyder was both trying to keep the conversation swirling around his version of Batman (especially as Matt Reeves shared his look at Robert Pattinson in the iconic role), but also to show support for Ben Affleck as he prepares to open The Way Back in March. Either way, we now know that there will be more Knightmare scenes when Justice League – the real Justice League – finally will be able to screen.

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