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Oddly enough, watching footage from Brothers reminds me a little bit of Stepfather (with better acting of course). The movie looks much more emotionally intense than I expected it to be. So much so that it almost seems like a horror film. Just look at Tobey Maguire’s bulging vein as he breaks cabinets in his kitchen and asks Jake Gyllenhaal if he had sex with his wife. Or maybe his veins are showing because he weighs 98 lbs. in the movie.

The TV spot for the film presents nothing new other than a few bits of new footage peppered into a shorter version of the original trailer. I’m still torn about the depth of the movie. Will this be a flick that has something important to say about post-combat stress and the bonds of family? Or is Tobey Maguire just going to kill some fools?

Check out the spot for yourself embedded below.

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