Zack Snyder Shares Snyder Cut Music Clip, And It Slaps

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This is how the Snyder Cut of Justice League is going to reach the small section of RABID Zack Snyder fans. On 10-second clips shared via the director’s cell phone as he appears on fan streams, teasing the film’s eventual 2021 release. This is how he showed off the first look at his interpretation of Martian Manhunter (more on that in a second). And now, while appearing on “The Snyder Claus” stream with Dave Pena and Chris Wong-Swenson, Snyder let slip a little piece of Junkie XL’s new Justice League score, and it slaps so hard.

Last week, as part of a fan-driven initiative to promote the Snyder Cut of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the director stopped by a number of fan streams that were participating in a Deck the Hall of Justice event. These weren’t interviews, so much as they were casual hangs with the director peeling back the layers on his creative process. And every once in a while, during these sessions, Snyder will drop a key piece of information that he knows is going to fire up the fanbase.

The famed film composer Junkie XL has been an integral component of Zack Snyder’s DC SnyderVerse. He teamed with Hans Zimmer on several tracks for the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice score. And Junkie XL also had music ready to go for Justice League… before the wheels fell off and Snyder was replaced by Joss Whedon on the theatrical cut (known by fans as Josstice League).

This is a little snippet of a battle theme that Junkie XL has planned for Justice League which he shared back in September:

And this is a sample of the music he had planned for Justice League back in 2017, when the assignment still was his:

The incredibly quick way that Zack Snyder shared this clip of Junkie XL’s new score (because the composer did come back to create new music for this restored cut of Justice League) resembled the way that he showed off his look at Martian Manhunter. The Justice League member is expected to cameo in the Snyder Cut when it lands on HBO Max, though if you don’t know when and where he will show up, I’m going to keep it secret, because we are so close to the movie arriving, and I want fans to see it for themselves.

This is what we know about Zack Snyder’s Justice League. It’s coming to HBO Max in 2021, and the director has teased March as the release date. He recently said, as part of Deck the Hall of Justice, that we will get a new trailer and an official release date in the beginning of the new year. And if you guys want to know the full story behind how Zack Snyder and his fans got the Snyder Cut released, I wrote a book called “Release the Snyder Cut” that drops on March 1, and that you can pre-order right now by clicking on that link.

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