Justice League: Zack Snyder Seemingly Confirms When The Snyder Cut Will Hit HBO Max?

Ever since it was announced on May 20 that Zack Snyder’s highly anticipated version of Justice League would arrive on HBO Max in 2021, his most patient fans have been asking, “But when?” As we have inched closer to the fated year, there have been guesses. Clues. And now, without giving a hard and fast date, Snyder has revealed the month in which the Snyder Cut of Justice League will begin to screen: March!

Zack Snyder was answering fans on Vero, and in the comments section beneath one of his posts, he shared with a fan that March will be the release date:

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There are so many fun dates that would make sense in March for HBO Max to start rolling out Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which is expected to be released in four one-hour episodes (with more formats to follow… more on that in a moment). The director’s birthday is March 1, and wouldn’t that just be the greatest gift to his fans, as well as to himself. Also, March 25 holds a special place in Snyder lore, as that was the date that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opened in theaters. Could Justice League follow that lead?

Neither day really lines up with a traditional launch date for an anticipated movie. March 1 is a Monday, and HBO likes to dominate its Sunday nights with hot premieres, from Watchmen to Big Little Lies. And then there are Fridays, the standard release date for a blockbuster movie. Could Snyder hold out for March 26, a Friday, and make it CLOSE to the old BvS date?

At the very least, fans know that they now are roughly three months away from Zack Snyder’s Justice League reaching some version of a screen. But how can people watch it? There has been a lot of speculation, fueled by Snyder himself. He has shared looks at him remastering his Justice League images to fit an IMAX screen, suggesting a possible theatrical release of Justice League. But would he wait until all four episodes are out, and then drop his full four-hour cut? Or might fans be able to go to a theater near them (if it’s safe, and theaters are open) once a week to see the latest episode on the biggest screens possible? Snyder has teased the possibility of a theatrical cut, as well as a massive Blu-ray and DVD package of all of his footage now that he finally won the battle to get the Snyder Cut out. I hope he spends the entire year celebrating.

Allow me some brief self-promotion. I wrote the book, Release the Snyder Cut, and it details the behind-the-scenes journey that Justice League took to the big screen. Coincidentally, the book streets on March 1, 2021, so the timing lines up beautifully. The book is up for pre-order right now if you just click here.

In the meantime, we will keep you updated on the official date for Zack Snyder’s Justice League to drop, as well as the various formats in which you hopefully will be able to watch the show/movie, surrounded by Snyder Cut fans!

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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