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In The Heights Got Another Date Change, But There’s Good News For Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Latest

The cast from In the Heights

Since In the Heightsfinal trailer dropped, fans have been excited, which is a serious understatement. Given the response, the film might end up being the biggest musical event of 2021 (outside of virtual concerts). In response to the fans, the musical film’s release date was changed. But unlike most release date changes, this was good news for the Lin-Manuel Miranda project.

As the hype continues to grow, In the Heights is poised to be the next Hamilton (another Lin-Manuel Miranda production). The response to the musical film’s trailer was so huge, everyone involved couldn’t ignore it. In the Heights director Jon M. Chu took to Twitter to make a surprise announcement about the film’s release date. Check out the director’s tweet below:

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Jon M. Chu’s tweet was a huge surprise to many In the Heights fans. Pushing up the date was a smart move for Warner Bros. As previously mentioned, the response to the In the Heights trailer took over social media and racked up millions of views on YouTube. This could end up being one of the biggest films of the year. Chu’s tweet was a way of letting fans know how much they are appreciated by the studio.

For many In the Heights fans (or musical fans in general), this film is a huge moment. But in terms of cinema, In the Heights might be their first chance to see a film in the theaters since the COVID-19 shutdown began. At the same time, those not ready to step foot in a theater yet can enjoy it from the comfort of their couch.

As seen in the trailer, In the Heights will have enough big musical moments to feed everyone’s inner musical nerd. Viewers will want to perform all musical numbers, as well as stream (or buy) the soundtrack. It’s also nice to have some Hamilton crossover, which will help bring in some fans of the Disney+ film. Everyone is looking for that one bright spot this year, and In the Heights might be that moment.

But pushing up In the Heights' release date was the latest good news for the fans. More In the Heights-affiliated things have come up in recent days, as Lin-Manuel Miranda also announced a book. It will be centered around the musical’s journey from the initial stages to the big screen. With that in mind, this film is poised to take over this summer.

Seeing In the Heights' media blitz reminds me of the pre-COVID-19 days when a huge film would just oversaturate the market. But honestly, the public needs a film like this after experiencing a tragic and chaotic 2020. Get ready to sing to the top of your lungs when In the Heights arrives in theaters and on HBO Max on June 11.

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