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I guess this Super Bowl thing is a big deal or something. But more than being a day when everybody loves seeing dudes beat each other up while chasing a piece of brown leather, Super Bowl Sunday is the one day when it's completely acceptable and encouraged to indulge in all of our worst consumer capitalist tendencies. We all sit in front of the television and dare it to make us buy something. Or more importantly, watch something.

AdvertisingAge has released a list of companies who have purchased commercial time along with the titles they'll be advertising. There's nothing incredibly surprising here. We'll see spot for The Last Airbender, which will likely be the teaser we saw several months back since the official trailer was delayed until February. We'll also see spots for Wolfman and Iron Man 2. Studios will want to cut together the best 30-second spots they can possibly offer, so look for a lot of new footage from this summer's blockbusters.

Check out the current list of movies with Super Bowl time below:
Universal Pictures
- The Wolfman
- Robin Hood
- Despicable Me

Viacom's Paramount Pictures
- Shutter Island
- Iron Man 2
- The Last Airbender

Walt Disney Pictures
- Alice In Wonderland
- Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
- Toy Story 3

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