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Like a lot of people, I really want Edge of Darkness to be this year’s Taken. Not just because Taken was badass, and who wouldn’t want more of that, but also because it’s about time Mel Gibson stopped pissing off Hebrews and got back to kicking ass. But despite the movie’s amped up, Taken-like trailers, I’m starting to get the vibe that this isn’t the movie we’re getting at all. If you’re hoping to see a Mel Gibson return to the screen with a head butt, you may be out of luck.

Take these seven clips from Edge of Darkness. In them you’ll see Gibson engage in a lot of very stern talking, but you won’t see an action sequence or gunfire, or even a half-hearted punch to the head. From the looks of things, modern Mel Gibson’s version of revenge mostly involves procedural politics not psychotic father revenge. A more cerebral approach could be fun, but is it the kind of fun we want? Take a look:

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