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Early last year, a great drawing popped up online that compared the animated films made by Pixar to the animated films made by DreamWorks. The summation of DreamWorks' films was that they are all about "talking animals, and they do things animals normally don't do." The key to it all, however, is what has become known as "the DreamWorks face" and it has become a meme since. Apparently the people in the marketing department of Spielberg's animation studio don't have an internet connection.

A new poster for the upcoming Megamind has popped online and it has not one, but two characters making the "Dreamworks Face." I actually thought the theatrical trailer for the movie was quite entertaining and made me want to see the film, but this is making me second guess it all.

Check out the poster below and click on it to see it in it's highest resolution.

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