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The new trailer for Going the Distance is, overall, a pretty big improvement. Drew Barrymore and Justin Long’s movie about a long distance romance has never seemed more upbeat and fun. The story moves along quickly, the teaser really gets to the point, and the trailers filled with snappy music and cute little one-liners. It’s incredibly affable and far better paced than any of the previous trailers we’ve seen for the film. But they’ve ruined Jim Gaffigan.

Say what you want about the previous trailers but that moment where Jim Gaffigan eats dinner while Drew Barrymore and Justin Long have sex on his dinner table killed. Its still in this trailer but it’s been recut in a way that’s just not funny at all. That’s alright. Gaffigan has a couple of other good moments in this version and the trailer does a much better job overall of making this movie seem like its worth Going the Distance. See what I did there?

Watch the newest trailer for Going the Distance below:

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