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Men In Black III remains a terrible, terrible idea, but they may have just brought on another cast member who could make it a little more tolerable. Coming Soon reports that Emma Thompson is in talks for a role in the film, playing the character Oh, who is the head of the Men In Black enterprise. Given that Rip Torn previously played the boss Zed, and Torn is currently undergoing treatment for alcohol abuse after breaking into a Connecticut bank last January, it's not surprising they may be replacing him for the film.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are already on board to reprise their roles, and based on what we learned about the script over the summer, it seems Josh Brolin will be playing the younger version of Jones's character Agent Kay when a time travel plot takes them back to 1969. Jemaine Clement is also on board to play the villainous Yaz. The movie is set to start filming in the fall in New York City, which means the rest of the cast should be falling in line shortly. Even if Thompson gets on board I'll still be mighty skeptical-- Men in Black 2 was nearly intolerable-- but given that I kind of like Nanny McPhee Returns and always root for more Thompson in the Harry Potter movies, I'll probably at least like her scenes.

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