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If there's a lesson to be learned from my interview with Ivan Reitman and the Ghostbusters III story that I wrote earlier today, it's that not every story read online could or should be taken as fact, particularly when discussing the film industry. There are simply too many moving pieces within a production and things happen so quickly that what appears to be a real story turns into bunk in an instant. Such is the case with yesterday's Three Stooges story.

Responding to The Wrap's report that Johnny Knoxville, Andy Samberg and Shane Jacobson are shortlisted for the roles of Moe, Larry and Curly, respectively, director Peter Farrelly spoke with EW and shut the whole thing down. Instead, Farrelly says that the whole process is still "wide open to everybody," and that "there is no leader in the clubhouse." More so, neither Knoxville or Samberg have even auditioned for a part.

There isn't any direct mention in the story about finding amateur actors to play the stooges, but I suppose there are multiple ways to take Farrelly's comments. It's also worth noting that the production has been shifted back by a month, likely to provide more time to find the perfect performers for the parts. Let's hope they choose wisely.

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