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Everyone was pretty surprised yesterday when it was announced that Zack Snyder would no longer be directing the 300 sequel, Xerxes and that, instead, Warner Bros. would be giving the project to Guy Ritchie. The story made a lot of sense, as Snyder will be busy directing the next Superman movie and the studio was quite pleased with what Ritchie did with Sherlock Holmes. As logical as the story was, though, it's not happening.

The Playlist has learned that while Zack Snyder may not be directing Xerxes, Guy Ritchie will not be the man to replace him. The article says that there is a possibility that Ritchie saw a script for the project and maybe even contemplated doing the gig, but Warner Bros. has confirmed that he will not be directing the project. Instead, we can probably look forward to a few months of speculation as the studio hunts down new blood to take over the project.

Just as Josh said yesterday, I'm not sure there's a point to making Xerxes without Snyder. 300 is most certainly a spectacle, but almost completely hollow otherwise. Without Snyder's flair, there's no real reason for a sequel to exist. I'll be on board if they can find someone with comparable visual sense, but otherwise it probably isn't worth the time.

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