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With his six year run on The Office nearing its end, all eyes are on funny man Steve Carell to see what he’s going to do next. He’s got a film in the can called Crazy, Stupid, Love with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone (which just saw its first trailer get released today), and two films in pre-production, one of which has just run into its first major snag.

According to First Showing, veteran TV director Charles McDougall was in talks to take the helm Carell-starrer Burt Wonderstone and make his transition into feature film making, however, it seems like he and New Line could not reach an agreement leaving Wonderstone captainless in the seas of Hollywood. This could be a blessing or a curse, leaving room for a more experienced feature comedy director to move in on the position, or they could simply get a total newbie with no experience whatsoever.

McDougall would have been a good fit, frequently directing Carell in The Office and spreading his wings a bit to direct the pilot episode of The Chicago Code, but the search is officially on for someone to take hold and usher what sounds like a pretty funny film to the big screen. Burt Wonderstone follows Burt, a magician in Las Vegas who loses his spot to a younger player and must find his way back into the game.

With a story centered around magicians, it’s impossible not to think that Wonderstone’s rival will be played by Will Arnett as a Gob Bluth proxy. With that in mind, I could see someone like Greg Mottola stepping in and really knocking this one out of the park. Who would you like to see take the chair?

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