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In an apparent effort to cram as many famous names as humanly possible into his Rock of Ages musical, Adam Shankman has added two new roles and filled them with Bryan Cranston and Catherine Zeta-Jones. We learned in late April that Zeta-Jones would be playing a villainous character, described as "the love child of Tipper Gore and Anita Bryant," who's on a crusade to ban rock and roll-- because, apparently, one Footloose remake in a single year just isn't enough. Now Deadline is reporting that Bryan Cranston has also signed on, to play the husband of Zeta-Jones's character. Shankman actually tweeted further detail, that Cranston will in fact be playing the mayor of Los Angeles, home of the rock club where the musical is set.

Remember, this cast already includes Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand and Julianne Hough in central roles, with Tom Cruise, Mary J. Blige and Paul Giamatti also rounding out the cast. The lead role went to relative unknown Diego Boneta, but otherwise it's going to be a musical crammed with famous faces, a gambit that worked well for Shankman's previous musical Hairspray, at least. We'll see if audiences are as happy to have starpower mixed in with their 80s hair metal once the movie starts filming next month.

As for Cranston, he sang reasonably well in his monologue during an SNL hosting gig last fall, but this will be his first big movie musical. Then again, the role will probably be small enough that he won't have to do a ton of belting anyway.

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