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Today Nicolas Winding Refn's controversial crime-drama Drive makes its debut on Blu-ray and DVD. To celebrate Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has unleashed the film's first seven minutes, available below courtesy of Coming Soon:

Drive stars tumblr-loved leading man Ryan Gosling as a Hollywood stuntman who moonlights as a getaway driver. This premise--along with a deceptive marketing campaign--led many moviegoers last fall to expect Drive to be an action-packed flick in the vein of the high-octane Fast and the Furious franchise. However, rather than a full-throttle car-chase extravaganza, Drive is a meditative and moody exploration of a star-crossed romance between Gosling's driver and a young mother played by rising starlet Carey Mulligan, a love story that is occasionally punctuated with grisly violence. While this misconception helped boost Drive's opening weekend numbers, it also spurred some furious patrons to pursue a class-action lawsuit against the feature's distributor, FilmDistrict, claiming they had been purposely misled to buy their tickets.

Perhaps Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is looking to set the record straight by releasing the film's opening to the web. In this clip we're introduced to Gosling's enigmatic stuntman, his rules for getaway driving, his car-savvy cohort played by Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston, and the beginnings of the chase featured in the film's trailer. Notably, here the heist isn't pumped up with a slick and chilly soundtrack. Instead, Gosling's silent driver is the picture of calm as the sharp ticking of the clock pronounces the soon-to-close window for his work. Cleverly, the clip cuts off just as the getaway literally kicks into high gear, teasing viewers with just a taste of what Drive has in store.

Both the Drive Blu-ray and DVD include four behind-the-scenes featurettes, as well as an interview with the film's director, Nicolas Winding Refn. The Blu-ray also offers an UltraViolet Digital Copy. Available now.

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