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Despite The Vow completely cock-blocking me out of a showing of Jeff Who Lives At Home I was impressed with the big budget romantic drama for several reasons. First, The Vow caught the eye of every mother within a 50 mile radius of me and tugged at their wallets, eventually pulling in over $170 million – a feat in post-Oscar dead month, February. Secondly, it’s nice to see Channing Tatum actually have some rapport with a co-star in a romantic movie, which never happened in the dreck that was Dear John. I’d still rather take Tatum in a comedy any day, but if you are the type to delve deeply into romances you won’t have much longer to wait.

The Vow will hit Blu-Ray and DVD on May 8. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is bringing even more extras into the mix for audiences who purchase Blu-Ray copies of the film. Blu-Ray copies will exclusively come with three featurettes, including one that delves into the true story The Vow is based on, about the real-life couple who had to realign their relationship after a traumatic accident inspired amnesia. Two other Blu-Ray exclusives will follow leads Tatum and Rachel McAdams as they discuss why they took on their respective roles and “Trying to Remember” a more scientific-based bonus features discussing how trauma can affect memory.

Both DVD and Blu-Ray copies of the film will also be treated to a gag reel, deleted scenes, and finally, commentary with Director Michael Sucsy. While both sets don’t seem to go over-the-top with bonus features, the big bonus is probably catching Tatum shirtless during the movie, anyway. Besides, Amazon already has a sale going for the sets, which may mean the film is actually worth shelling out some green to own.

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