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One of the reasons I'm starting to think Pixar's Brave may prove to be a must-watch on the big screen is the setting of the story. Previously released trailers and teasers have given us a glimpse of the lush looking Scottish Highlands which serve as the backdrop to the Disney film. And the latest video promoting the film focuses almost entirely on that as the filmmakers and actors discuss the setting in which the story takes place.

Set in Scotland, Brave follows Merida, a young woman looking to change her destiny, who finds herself embarking on an exciting adventure. Speaking largely for myself, if not for other Americans, when I think of Scotland, I think Braveheart, Trainspotting and Shakespeare's Macbeth. I think Kelly Macdonald, Ewan McGregor and Billy Connolly. Two of those mentioned actors are among those lending their voices (and their talent and accents) to Brave. Macdonald and Connolly are among those featured in this video below, courtesy of iTunes, which focuses on Scotland, a place "steeped with myth, and legend and magic."

"We want to transport the audience to Scotland," director Mark Andrews says. "You're going to get scope and scale on a huge stage."

As I'm already very excited to see Brave, so I don't need to be sold any further, but I have to admit, I was much more focused on anticipating the story and Pixar's brave new female character Merida than I was in considering just how beautiful this movie might look on the big screen. Watching the above video I'm especially eager to see what Pixar has in store for us in terms of the Scottish backdrop.

Directed by Andrews and Brenda Chapman, Brave arrives in theaters this weekend (June 22). More information, pictures and videos can be found in our Blend Film Database. And to read what Eric had to say about the film, check out our review here.

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