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Here's some intense silliness for you to enjoy on your Labor Day holiday-- some mashup geniuses online have asked the all-important question, "What if Pixar made The Expendables 2?" and used a bunch of footage from the Toy Story movies to imagine just that. Turns out, there are more explosions and opportunities to use Jason Statham's voice in the Toy Story universe than you'd think. Take a look at the imaginative results below.

Of course they had to rely heavily on the imaginary opening sequences of the movies to get the requisite explosions and gunfire, but there's a surprising amount of violence throughout all three of the movies, not to mention menacing villains like Lotso and The Prospector who would be just right menacing Sylvester Stallone and company. Pixar has already made a superhero movie, of course, with The Incredibles, but this mashup makes a pretty good argument for them doing a straight-up action film. Then again, Cars 2 was a spy movie, and we all know how that turned out. Maybe they ought to stick to entertaining kids after all.

The Expendables 2 got surpassed at the box office this weekend by both Lawless and The Possession, ending the long reign of all those musclebound badasses. But with plenty of talk out there about The Expendables 3, we've probably not seen the last of them. Maybe we can hope they'll bring Mr. Potato Head along with them on their next mission as an homage to this mashup. Or, OK, fine-- maybe not.

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