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Alfred Hitchcock is famous as one of the few directors from the studio era of Hollywood to truly put his own stamp on this movies, to the point that audiences would flock to films because his name was on it, not because of his many attractive stars. But Hitchcock's works can also be credited to his partnership and longtime marriage with Alma Reville, who was a key force behind the scenes on nearly all of his films, even though she rarely got the credit. But in the new biopic Hitchcock, the relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Hitch is put front and center, and the conflicts and love within their relationship get reflected in the success of one of his biggest films, Psycho.

To get a glimpse at how it all plays out the film, check out this brand-new feature, which debuted today at Apple, where you catch watch it in high-res.

What this featurette doesn't really tell you much is that there was also a lot of strain in the relationship. Hitchcock became famously obsessed with his blonde starlets, from Grace Kelly to Kim Novak to Tippi Hedren, and Alma was also developing a friendship with a screenwriter who wanted her to work with him-- strictly professional, of course, but enough to make Hitch jealous. Hitchcock digs into that conflict as the central drive of its story, and whether or not you find it satisfying may depend on just how much of a Hollywood behind-the-scenes story you're looking for.

But the performances from Mirren and Hopkins, as you might expect, can't be argued with-- and at the time of year when everyone is talking about handing people awards, that counts for a lot. Hitchcock comes to theaters November 23, so you'll be able to judge for yourself quite soon.

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