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My favorite Die Hard movie? It’s still the original 1988 thriller that first pit John McClane (Bruce Willis) against a band of savvy terrorists. My favorite scene in my favorite Die Hard movie? Oh, it’s easily McClane wrapping the fire hose around his waist and convincing himself to jump off of a skyscraper before a pound of explosives detonate. Here’s a man defying his inherent fear in the face of extreme danger, and that human element has been missing from the entertaining but increasingly ludicrous sequels.

Take that last shot in the recent trailer for A Good Day to Die Hard, which shows Willis and Jai Courtney plunging from great heights and busting through multiple floors of a skyscraper as a helicopter explodes to their side. What happened to that guy who said he’d “never go up in a tall building again” after the explosion in the original film? I guess trouble just keeps finding this now-superhero. A new image has landed, and it seems to show the aftermath of the crashing-helicopter sequence. Peep it below, courtesy of HeyYouGuys:

In addition to this new image, 20th Century Fox announced that participating theaters will program a Die Hard movie marathon on Wednesday, Feb. 13 leading up to the Feb. 14 release of A Good Day to Die Hard. These marathons seemed to work well for the Lord of the Rings and Twilight films. And I know I’d love to see the first two Die Hard movies on the big screen again. Check out your local theater listings for information, then saddle up with super John McClane next month as he decimates Moscow. Yippee kai yay!

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