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Really, James Cameron could probably single-handedly rustle up the money to pay for the next two Avatar movies. It might require selling a submarine or autographing 100 Titanic posters, but come on, he could do it. But Cameron, like everyone else in Hollywood, relies on other peoples' money to get his movies made, and now 20th Century Fox has secured the cash needed to make the Avatar sequels, and plenty of other things in the next five years.

According to Variety, the studio has secured a little more than $400 million to fund everything it plans to produce in the next half-decade, which includes Avatar 2 and Avatar 3. The money was arranged by Chip Seelig, who brought another $400 million to the studio back in 2005, when he was part of Dune Management. The details of the deal and complex, and probably not relevant to anyone not receiving money on either end. It's also not clear that money was a factor delaying progress on the Avatar sequels Cameron has been promising for months, though it's very possible. These are enormous movies that stand to make even more enormous amounts of money, and lining up that kind of cash requires people with economics degrees your average movie blogger can't even fathom.

The last we heard about Avatar 2, James Cameron had pushed back the release date to 2015 while buying a bunch of farmland in New Zealand on which to make the film. We've been eyeing 2015 for a while now as potentially the biggest year for blockbuster films in history, with Avengers 2, Justice League, Star Wars and Avatar all scheduled. Now that Star Wars might be pushed back, the pressure could be off for Avatar to beat its sci-fi competition. Will this influx of cash help make that 2015 date happen? We'll be the first to tell you if anything like that gets confirmed.