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Russell Crowe hasn’t picked the most heroic roles in recent memory. In the past few months, he’s popped up onscreen as the unlikable Javert in Les Miserables and a tough, corrupt Mayor in Broken City. However, Crowe admits he chooses these characters carefully in this exclusive Broken City Blu-ray bonus clip, and with his eye for detail and interesting acting methods, the cast and crew reveal why he is perfect for the part of Mayor Nicholas Hostetler. Additionally, Crowe’s process for putting together a character is revealed.

Broken City features an all-star cast including Crowe, as well as Mark Wahlberg and Catherine Zeta-Jones, who is working her way back into the limelight after taking it easy in the world of acting for the last several years. The story is one with plenty of shades of grey, featuring a former detective with a deep, dark secret, a scandalous politician’s wife, and, at the heart of the story, a mayor who plays his cards very carefully, and prefers to end up on top--even if it means trampling on people.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment’s film is hitting Blu-ray, as well as DVD, on April 30, and copies are already available (and on sale) over at Amazon. The segment on Crowe seems to be part of a larger bonus documentary that will look in depth at the making of the film. Additionally, deleted scenes and an alternate ending will be available with the Blu-ray. If you missed the movie when it hit theaters earlier this year, you can check out this additional teaser for the flick and decide whether or not it is up your alley.

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