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Imagine finding out you had a 18-year-old kid you never knew about. Now imagine you have 533 grown children you never knew about. This is the incredible situation underachieving New Yorker David Wozniak finds himself in in the new comedy Delivery Man. See, 20 years ago Wozniak donated sperm, lots of lots of sperm, to a fertility clinic, and now his plethora of progeny are suing the clinic to discover their biological father's identity. Vince Vaughn stars as Wozniak, who decides to look over the profiles in the lawsuit to get to know his kids from a safe distance.

In the featurette above, you get a glimpse of how Wozniak begins dipping his toe into fatherhood. Those who've seen the French-Canadian comedy Starbuck, on which Delivery Man is based, will recognize some of these kid characters straight away. When we interviewed both films' writer and director Ken Scott on the set of Delivery Man, he told us about how this film is different from the original. "Well, we did it in English (for one thing)," Scott teased before adding that minor details changed like Wozniak's sport of choice (basketball instead of soccer) and his location (New York City instead of Montreal).

In our on set interview with Vaughn, he felt that New York City provided a fantastic staging area for Delivery Man, explaining, "I felt that this story really lends itself to a place that has a lot of different neighborhoods, a lot of different lifestyles, and New York certainly has that. That’s why I feel like this version of the movie is really a powerful thing because there are so many different places that you can get to that really logistically it makes sense but they’re very, very different worlds that you’re entering in, they’re completely different worlds, so I think that’s a big deal. Then of course just visually, the energy of the city is tremendous and it really infects the particulars of our family being from Greenpoint, culturally where we’re located, and then also David’s curiosity about the kids to travel to different places that he might not on a day-by-day basis go into."

Joining Vaughn in this heartfelt remake are Cobie Smulders as his frustrated girlfriend, Chris Pratt as his best friend who is not only a lawyer but also a father of four, Bobby Moynihan as his brother who works with David at the butcher shop his father opened, and Cash Cab's Ben Bailey as a Polish thug.

Delivery Man opens on November 22nd.

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