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The Best '80s Movies And How To Watch Them

From Back to the Future to Ferris Bueller's Day Off and everything in between, these are the best '80 movies streaming.

Why Eddie Murphy Needs More Movies Like Dolemite After Coming 2 America

Eddie Murphy may want to consider some different kinds of roles following Coming 2 America.

Coming 2 America's Wesley Snipes Reveals One Missed Opportunity The Movie Absolutely Should Have Used

Wesley Snipes actually has a regret about his time working on Coming 2 America.

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Coming 2 America’s Eddie Murphy Reveals What Inspired Him To Make The Original Film

Eddie Murphy shares how he got the idea for the original film.

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Why Coming 2 America’s Arsenio Hall Was Initially Hesitant To Play Multiple Characters In The First Film

Arsenio Hall explains why he was nervous about playing multiple characters in Coming to America.

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8 Samuel L. Jackson Role You May Have Forgotten About

Remember when Samuel L Jackson tried to rob McDowell's in Coming to America?

Coming 2 America’s Wesley Snipes Reveals An Awkwardly Sweet Fanboy Moment He Had On Set

Wesley Snipes' love for Coming to America led to an awkward moment on the Coming 2 America set.

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Coming 2 America: What To Watch On Streaming If You Liked The Eddie Murphy Movie, Including Trading Places

Here's how to explore past Coming 2 America if you need more like the comedy.

Coming 2 America's Director Knows One Complaint Fans Of The Original Will Have, But He's Not Buying It

Coming 2 America's director takes aim at one of the film's criticisms.

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Coming 2 America Director Reveals The Wild Way Eddie Murphy And James Earl Jones Filmed All Their Scenes
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The Coming 2 America Scene That Choreographer Wishes Wasn’t Cut Down In The Final Film

Coming 2 America's Fatima Robinson revealed that a key scene was cut down in post-production.

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Sounds Like Coming 2 America’s Eddie Murphy Already Has An Idea For A Third Film

Eddie Murphy already has an idea for the third Coming to America.

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Coming 2 America’s Director Explains Why He’s Happy About Its PG-13 Rating

Coming 2 America's director explained why the film's PG-3 rating is actually a good thing.

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Coming To America’s Eddie Murphy On Being Forced To Add A White Character To The Original Movie
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Eddie Murphy Wanted A Famous Old Character To Cameo In Coming 2 America But It Was 'Too Expensive'

Coming 2 America could have featured a link to another Eddie Murphy-led franchise.

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Eddie Murphy And Arsenio Hall's Coming To America Characters: Who Plays Each Role

Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall play four parts each in Coming To America, and here we break them down!

In Support Of Coming 2 America, Wil Power Owner Talks The Importance Of Black Barbershops

As Coming 2 America approaches, Wil Power's Wil Shelton opened up about the importance of Black barbershops.

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Coming To America: 9 Behind-The-Scenes Stories About The Eddie Murphy Classic

Before Eddie Murphy's Prince Akeem returns to America...

Coming 2 America's Eddie Murphy Explains Why The First Movie Still Matters 30 Years Later

Eddie Murphy explains why the OG film is still relevant today.

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Hidden Figures And 11 Other Great Movies To Watch For Black History Month

Time to watch Hidden Figures and these other Black History Month gems.

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