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Shows Like Parks And Recreation: What To Watch If You Like The Amy Poehler Comedy

If you've been missing Leslie Knope and all of her antics, here are the best shows like Parks and Recreation that you should watch.

What To Watch On Streaming If You Like Jason Segel

Now that Freaks and Geeks is (finally) available on Hulu, here are a few other Jason Segel titles you can stream right now!

Jason Segel Explains Why He Hasn't Starred In A Comedy In Years

It's been nearly six years since Jason Segel last did a straight comedy.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda And 20 Other Actors You May Have Forgotten Were On How I Met Your Mother

Before Lin-Manuel Miranda and others were legen - wait for it... DARY!

How I Met Your Mother's Ending: The Real Vs. Alternate Ending And Why It Was So Divisive

How I Met Your Mother ended six years ago, but there's still a lot to discuss about that ending.

11 Shows To Watch If You Love The Big Bang Theory

More shows to make you shout "Bazinga!"

Disney+ Might Be Adding Buffy, Modern Family And More Live-Action Shows Soon

Is Disney+ about to add some fan-favorites from the live-action realm?

How I Met Your Mother: What's The Cast Up To Now?

The cast of How I Met Your Mother made the CBS sitcom one of the most beloved in recent years, but what has the gang been up to since having their last drink at MacLaren's in 2014?

Grey's Anatomy Cast How I Met Your Mother's Josh Radnor For A Big Role

Known for his sitcom chops, Josh Radnor is apparently heading to Grey Sloane for a very interesting role.

What Neil Patrick Harris Thinks About A How I Met Your Mother Revival

The actor shared his thoughts on bringing the band back together for another set of episodes.

This How I Met Your Mother Fan Theory Has Fans Rethinking The Entire Series

One How I Met Your Mother fan theory has started to circulate online, and it's potentially a complete game-changer for the series' story.

The Office And How I Met Your Mother Creators Have New TV Shows In The Works

The creators of some of televisions greatest shows in recent memory have new projects on the way.

How I Met Your Mother Spinoff Is Moving Forward Yet Again With More Changes

For any and all How I Met Your Mother fans still hopeful that a spinoff will happen, here's some good news.

Why Cobie Smulders Joined Netflix’s Friends From College After HIMYM

Cobie Smulders is back on TV soon, but why did she pick Netflix's Friends From College?

What Frustrates Alyson Hannigan About How I Met Your Mother's Finale

How I Met Your Mother's series finale is widely regarded as a letdown by fans, and now it seems that Alyson Hannigan shares the audience's frustration for a few reasons.

How I Met Your Mother's Josh Radnor Has A New TV Show In The Works

Best known for How I Met Your Mother, actor Josh Radnor has lined up another network project that sounds like it could be a hit.

The Surprising Reason The How I Met Your Mother Spinoff Is Being Delayed

The series was being put together by This is Us writers Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berge, and considering the success of that NBC series, it seemed like it could be a slam dunk.

How CBS Feels About The New How I Met Your Mother Spinoff

A lot of people were pretty pumped about the spinoff when it was initially trying to get off the ground, so unsurprisingly, a lot of people were at least somewhat excited when the announcement was made that the project was getting a second chance. The only problem?

The How I Met Your Mother Spinoff Is Apparently Back On

CBS declined to move forward with the How I Met Your Mother spinoff in May 2014, but two and a half years later, it looks like the project is getting a second chance.

How Jason Segel Feels About A How I Met Your Mother Reunion

It's only been two years since How I Met Your Mother said goodbye to viewers with its highly controversial finale, but it's never too early for a reunion, right? Here's how Jason Segel feels about it.

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