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Watch How Insanely Awkward Filming A Hollywood Sex Scene Is

It’s always been assumed that filming a Hollywood sex scene is one of the most unpleasant experiences that two actors can go through. Most of the time they barely know the person who is clambering, sweating and prodding away at their body, and, just to make things that extra bit awkward, there are normally at least a dozen other strangers in the room staring down and judging their bedroom maneuvers.

Watch David Hasselhoff Go Off In An Epic, NSFW Rant About His Own Greatness

You may think you know how crazy Joe Carnahan's Stretch is, but you haven't seen anything yet. Behold the wrath of Hoff!

Universal Unplugs Joe Carnahan's Stretch Three Months Before Release Date

Patrick Wilson plays a chauffeur who picks up a colorful billionaire (Chris Pine, apparently a cameo) that leads his limo into a night of “dangerous encounters.” And now Universal, originally slated to release the film on March 21st, has cancelled the theatrical release, according to THR.

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David Hasselhoff And Ray Liotta To Play Themselves In Joe Carnahan's Stretch

The film stars Patrick Wilson as Stretch, a down-on-his-luck limo driver with a bit of a gambling problem. When he discovers that he is only one job away from paying off his bookie, he takes a gig escorting a mysterious billionaire (Chris Pine) with some bizarre tastes. As the night progresses, things get weirder and more crazy, as Stretch finds himself stuck with the client from hell.

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Joe Carnahan's Stretch Adds Brooklyn Decker, Gets A Release Date

The plot is said to center on an ordinary, down on his luck guy (Wilson) who takes a job chauffeuring a mysterious billionaire in order to pay off a massive debt. But as the night progresses things get worse and worse as the billionaire leads the protagonist through a night of hell.

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Ed Helms Joins Patrick Wilson And Chris Pine In Joe Carnahan's Action Comedy Stretch

Wilson, Pines and Helms make up an extremely solid core, but apparently Carnahan isn't done with the casting process just yet. Following the trade's report, the director Tweeted an image of himself and his three stars and suggested that there's still at least one more major addition on the way.

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Star Trek's Chris Pine To Join Patrick Wilson In Joe Carnahan's Action Comedy Stretch

Prior to his big breakout playing Captain James T. Kirk in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek, one of Chris Pine's earlier roles was playing a psychopath assassin aiming to kill Jeremy Piven in Joe Carnahan's Smokin Aces.

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Joe Carnahan Reteaming With Patrick Wilson For New Action Movie Stretch

Since releasing the truly great drama The Grey in January, director Joe Carnahan has managed to get a lot of work done in 2012. First he announced that he was developing a remake of the Charles Bronson classic Death Wish (with the story moving from New York to Los Angeles); then it was announced that he had brought one of his passion projects - an action/thriller take on Groundhog Day called Continue - over to 20th Century Fox...

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