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10 Best Action Movies Of 2020, Ranked, Including Netflix's The Old Guard And More

Despite some setbacks, 2020 still delivered some solid action in movies.

Charlize Theron Responds To Those Die Hard Reboot Rumors

Charlize Theron has chimed in on those Die Hard claims.

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Hobbs And Shaw’s Director Has Landed His Next Big Action Movie

David Leitch has an awesome action movie up his sleeve.

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10 More TV Shows That Should Have Gotten More Than One Season

We’ve already put together a list of 10 shows that should have gotten more than one season, but several of our fans asked for more, so here’s our picks for 10 more TV shows that should have gotten more than one season.

Sang-Froid: Tales Of Werewolves Coming This Summer

You may have seen the trailer briefly in our Weekly Recap, but the game really is such a breath of fresh air compared to all the other standard-fare military shooters we've been receiving lately. Sang-Froid puts players in the role of werewolf hunters, where you must use fire to stay the wolves from surrounding you and you must use traps to outwit them.

Retro City Rampage: Absolute Rampage Trailer

The new trailer for Retro City Rampage is chock full of carnage and is balls-to-the-walls action with a non-stop barrage of intense gameplay that showcases nothing but a man going on an absolute rampage. Well worth watching? Definitely.

Crysis 2: Semper Fi PS3 Gameplay Footage Released

Crytek wanted to give console gamers a taste of the Crysis 2 experience with a brand new PS3 gameplay trailer showcasing actual in-game play, features, weapon mechanics, physics, vehicles, environments, volumetric liquids and high-end effects.

A.M. Awesome: The Awesomest Action Clip That Ever Awesomed

We know that there a few languages that are universal; languages that everyone in the world can understand. Three of those languages are laughter, music, and math, but there is a fourth that

First Tekken Movie Trailer

What appears to be the first trailer for the live action Tekken movie has shown up online. For the uniniated, Tekken is based on the popular videogame franchise of the same name in whic

The Godfather II Breaking And Entering Screenshots

Quickly approaching its release in March for the Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation, EA has continued let loose a stream of new assets. A nice new set of intense and graphically appeasing screenshots for the Godfather II. The theme for these screens? Why, it’s all about breaking and entering.

Ninjatown Slices Its Way Onto Nintendo DS

SouthPeak Interactive’s action-strategy game for the Nintendo DS is already on its way to retailers and can soon be purchased in its cute, cuddly and dangerous box. Yes, these are the cutest and most vile ninjas you will ever come across.

Preview: Mount And Blade

Riding a horse into battle with loyal townsfolk at your side will redefine calvary battles in this
non-fantasy, medieval game. Adventuring across vast lands, joining factions for security, or
sieging lands for control, all makes up the general gist of Mount & Blade.

Preview: Left 4 Dead

Take four desperate humans, a room full of guns and a city of fast-running, vomit spewing zombies, and what do you get? Four desperate humans who are left for dead. Dynamically adjustable AI opponents and various stage
scenarios that test players' wits and cooperative abilities make Left 4 Dead one of the most original and cool multiplayer-based shooters to come along this generation.

The Gold For The Club

The game, which utilizes a gameplay system that combines equal parts racer and shooter, was developed by Project Gotham Racing helmers, Bizarre Creations—meaning that if the they somehow manage to make the third-person elements as top-notch as their previous titles, gamers are in for one hell of a high-octane action fest.

Friday Night Double Feature: Christmas Action

While Buddy the Elf is saving the holiday spirit, others are actually doing what action heroes do: saving the world from terrorists, or masked freaks.

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