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Friday Night Lights Saved! And Other News From The NBC Upfronts

NBC had its upfront presentation today, where it unveiled its schedule for next season. In addition to new shows such as The Office spinoff we previously reported on, many fan favorites will be returning next season. Chief among those is Friday Night Lights, the low-rated, but beloved high school football series. FNL will be returning for a 3rd season, but won’t premiere until the winter.

The Clicker Jumps On The Bandwagon

Generally when it comes to TV shows that are getting a lot of hype, there are three types of people. We have the hypers: These are the people who have been watching the series from the beginning and rave about it constantly. We have the anti-hypers: These are the people who claim to hate the show but haven’t really given it a fair shot and whether they’re willing to admit it or not, dislike the hype more than they actually dislike the series.

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