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Jennifer Garner Just Reunited With The Cast Of Alias 20 Years Later And Everyone Looks So Different

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Alias helped to launch the careers of multiple stars, including Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan. The spy thriller pushed Garner to become one of the 2000s' most beloved action stars. Of course, viewers were heartbroken when the series concluded its five-season run in 2006. Ever since then, many have been calling for a cast reunion, but nothing came to fruition until now. The actress finally reunited with the cast to celebrate the groundbreaking series’ 20th anniversary, and Garner documented the moment by showing how different everyone looks.

Alias fans got a peek at the reunion through Jennifer Garner’s TikTok. Ever the sentimental person, Garner wanted to document the cast reuniting 20 years after the ABC drama premiered. And as commonly the case with many cast reunions, the actress had to compare how the cast looks now to how they appeared while they were working on the show So, check out Garner’s sweet before-and-after video clip below:

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Having been away from her former co-stars for so long, it seemed that Jennifer Garner was grateful to reunite with the Alias cast. Seeing everyone hugging and smiling while hanging out backyard is sure to give longtime fans all the feels. It's honestly hard to believe that it's been so long since the show first debuted. Despite the major passage of time, the cast still looks great, with some even looking better than ever. All in all, if you're a fan of the show, you can't help but get a warm feeling when watching this clip.

Seeing the cast together certainly brings back memories of watching Sydney Bristow taking down henchmen, while wearing a cool wig and fashionable outfit, because of course. When Alias first premiered, it was met with acclaim and decent television ratings. Jennifer Garner’s Sydney was championed as a strong female character alongside the leads of other series like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dark Angel. While it didn't become a mainstream hit, the thriller certainly gained cult status, and many currently consider Bristow to be one of the best characters in television history.

Jennifer Garner hasn’t been the only one to leverage her time on Alias to her advantage. Michael Vartan, Victor Garber and other stars have used the series’ acclaim to advance their careers. This gives one a better understanding as to why the actors seem so grateful for their time on the show.

Most would agree that Jennifer Garner's video is definitely a bright spot amid the ongoing pandemic. Hopefully, this reunion leads to some collaborations between the stars or maybe even a potential reboot of sorts. But it might be some time before that happens as everyone is pretty busy these days. 

If you want to relive the days of Sydney Bristow taking down international threats, you can stream Alias on Amazon Prime Video.

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