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Where The Alien Franchise Should Go From Here, According To Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott has a vision for where the Alien franchise should go after this summer's Alien: Covenant, and it's definitely not what we would've imagined.

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How The Walking Dead's Season 8 Action Compares To Films Like Aliens, According To Gale Anne Hurd

CinemaBlend recently got to speak with Walking Dead producer Gale Anne Hurd, and she compared the series to the Alien franchise.

How The Alien Franchise Can Rebound After Alien: Covenant's Disappointing Box Office

Alien: Covenant's box office performance underwhelmed when it debuted back in May, but the folks at 20th Century Fox have a plan to help the franchise rebound.

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Alien’s Harry Dean Stanton Is Dead At 91

Accomplished movie and television actor Harry Dean Stanton has passed away at the age of 91. Learn more ahead.

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Stranger Things Pays Tribute To Alien In Awesome Season 2 Poster

Check out this new mashup of Ridley Scott's Alien and Stranger Things, and try not to be psyched for Season 2.

Alien: Covenant's Honest Trailer Points Out How Ridiculous The Characters Were

Honest Trailers has set Alien: Covenant in its sights and reminds all of us that the best way to get killed by an Alien is just to be really, really dumb.

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The Alien Franchise May Be In Serious Trouble

Be worried, Alien fans. The franchise seems to have hit a snag that it might take a while to get out of. Read on to get the details!

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30 Best Sci-Fi Movies Of All Time

Science fiction is quite simply one of the most popular genres of film that we have. The creation of far away places and futuristic technology seems to be exactly what the medium of film was designed to create. Science fiction on film has been around for as long as there have been movies. But which ones are the best?

Will We Ever See Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5? Here's What He Says

Before Ridley Scott took over and made Alien: Covenant, director Neill Blomkamp was hard at work developing what would be Alien 5. The status of the project has been unclear but Blomkamp has set the record straight.

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How Much Of Alien: Covenant Landed On The Cutting Room Floor

Ridley Scott edited quite a bit out of the final cut of Alien: Covenant. Here's how much of the film ended up on the cutting room floor.

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6 Huge Alien Questions We Still Have After Alien: Covenant

If you left your showing of Alien: Covenant scratching your head, you weren't alone. The movie leaves lots of big questions on the table and we've collected six of the bigger-hanging plot threads.

Alien: Covenant Ending - What It Means And What Might Come Next

Alien: Covenant's ending looks to be the summer's first big conversation piece. We break down the big mystery, and what it could mean for the Alien series, inside.

One Huge Alien Mystery Alien: Covenant Managed To Solve

Without a doubt, Alien: Covenant raises more questions than it answers, but the film did manage to deliver a definitive answer to a question that has been on fans' minds since 1979. One huge mystery has finally been solved.

One Cool Improv Katherine Waterston Slipped Into A Key Alien: Covenant Action Scene

Alien: Covenant's climactic battle is incredibly technical, but Katherine Waterston was able to incorporate one really cool improvisation into the sequence. Here's what happened.

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Could The Alien: Covenant Cast Return For Another Film? Here’s What One Actor Said

Could our favorite characters from Alien: Covenant make their way into another entry in the film's franchise? Danny McBride has some strong thoughts on that possibility, and you can read them inside.

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The Worst Parts Of Playing A Xenomorph In Alien

It's not just superhero movies that feature characters with uncomfortable costumes. Honestly.

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How The Audience For Alien Movies Has Changed Since 1979, According To Ridley Scott

CinemaBlend recently asked Ridley Scott how audiences have evolved since the first Alien film debuted in 1979. Here's how he thinks they have changed.

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Why The Xenomorphs Are CGI, According To Ridley Scott

While the Xenomorph's roots began in practical affects, Scott recently revealed how the use of CGI has factored into the creature's likeness.

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How Much Fox Is Spending Trying To Get You To See Alien: Covenant

20th Century Fox has been spending a ridiculous amount on advertising for Alien: Covenant.

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From A To Xenomorph: The 14 Different Creatures In The Alien Franchise

The Xenomorph from the Alien films is one of the most iconic movie monsters out there, so with Alien: Covenant right around the corner, here's a refresher course on all the different types of the heartless killing machine that we have seen over the years.

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