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A Former American Idol Contestant Has Been Arrested For Heroin Distribution

American Idol has seen a lot of success stories; however, not every contestant on the popular competition series has gone on to become famous. Some have gotten arrested instead.

Mariah Carey Had Some Solid Jokes About Judging American Idol

Mariah Carey opened up about American Idol and even shared some of the upsides to her experience.

The Blunt Reason Why Simon Cowell Isn't Watching The New American Idol

Simon Cowell has not watched the new American Idol and this is why.

American Idol Vets William Hung, Sanjaya And More Reunited For Jimmy Kimmel Performance

The early stars from the former era of American Idol are cluing fans in on what they've been up song form!

American Idol Chose Its New Winner Tonight, And Twitter Is Filled With Mixed Emotions

Well, American Idol just picked its first winner for the show's ABC years, and the good folks on Twitter had a lot of mixed emotions about the two-hour extravaganza.

American Idol Season 16 Just Announced Its Big Winner

Here's who won American Idol Season 16!

American Idol Renewed By ABC For Season 17

American Idol has been renewed by ABC and that's not the only good news.

How American Idol Is Changing Up Its Live Voting For The First Time

American Idol is doing something different with live voting this time around, and fans may just love it.

Katy Perry's Pants Split On American Idol, And She Was The Opposite Of Embarrassed

Katy Perry had another wardrobe malfunction and really wanted the world to know about it.

The Voice Vs. American Idol's Reboot: Which Show Has The Better Ratings?

Of the two biggest singing competitions on TV, which one reigns supreme with audiences?

American Idol Contestant's Audition Interrupted By Dog Pooping On The Stage

That was one of the grossest doggone interruptions I've ever seen in reality TV.

Watch Katy Perry Throw Shade At Taylor Swift On American Idol

Katy Perry threw some shade at her old rival during a recent episode of American Idol.

American Idol Contestant Says He Was Not Sexually Harassed By Katy Perry

Things got a little spicy on American Idol recently, but not offensively spicy, according to the contestant.

The American Idol Reboot Had Its First Wardrobe Malfunction

The reboot of American Idol only just hit the airwaves, and one of the judges has already experienced a wardrobe malfunction. Take a look!

How American Idol Did In The Ratings

The American Idol reboot finally hit the airwaves, and we know how many people tuned in to watch.

Why American Idol Is Making A Big Change For The Reboot

American Idol has changed one big thing ahead of its return in 2018, and now we know why.

How American Idol’s Judges Will Be Different This Time, According To Luke Bryan And Katy Perry

It seems like the trio of newcomers will be approaching the job different than past judges

When American Idol Is Finally Coming Back To TV

A reboot of American Idol for ABC has been in the works for a while, and now host Ryan Seacrest has announced when the premiere will air.

Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About Weight Gain, What It Felt Like To Be Really Skinny

Yes, Kelly Clarkson has gained some weight. Here's what she says about the experience.

Simon Cowell Is Getting Into Scripted TV

One of the kings of reality television is stepping over to the scripted side of things.

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