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Wait, Could Arrow Bring Back The Huntress In Season 6?

The midseason premiere of Arrow finally hit the airwaves, and it may have dropped some hints that a long-lost character is returning.

The Arrow Villain Who Poses The Biggest Threat To Team Arrow, According To One Star

Arrow introduced a whole team of villains for Season 6. One star spoke to CinemaBlend about which of these villains poses the biggest threat to Team Arrow and Star City.

Check Out Arrow's Villains Wreaking Havoc In Star City In New Midseason Trailer
Crisis On Earth-X Was Nearly Released As A "Seamless" Movie

Apparently, Marc Guggenheim had plans for the special following its release.

Are The Flash And Arrow-verse Shows Getting Renewed? Here's What The CW Says

Want more Arrow-verse shows? Here's what The CW's head honcho has to say about it.

Check Out The Arrow-verse Heroes Back In Action In New Trailer

Everyone is getting back in action for their return to The CW.

The Biggest And Wildest TV Deaths Of 2017

Now that we're safely in 2018, let's look back at a lot of the ways 2017 TV shocked and saddened us.

Why We Shouldn’t Expect More Justice League Heroes Popping Up In The Arrow-verse

The Arrow-verse shows love to drop references to iconic Justice League heroes all of the time, but executive producer Marc Guggenheim recently opened up and explained why we shouldn't expect many major debuts anytime soon.

The Most Pirated Shows Of 2017 Make Perfect Sense

2017 is very nearly at an end, which means the time has come to look back at the most-pirated shows of the past year. The results are exactly what you might expect.

2018 Superhero TV: Dates For New And Returning Shows

2018 will arguably the biggest year yet for TV superheroes, and we've put together a schedule for when all the new and returning comic favorites will be here.

Arrow Apparently Can't Use Deathstroke Again

After a badass return to The Emerald Archer's solo series, it now looks like Deathstroke won't appear on Arrow again for the foreseeable future.

When Arrow Will Finally Bring Colton Haynes' Arsenal Back

Fans have been waiting for confirmation of the return of Colton Haynes as Roy Harper on Arrow. Now we have some very good news about when he'll be back.

Could Arrow Bring Colton Haynes Back For Season 6?

Roy Harper might be coming back to the Arrow-verse. But is he really?

Arrow Midseason Finale Just Introduced A New Supervillain Threat That Could Destroy Everything

The midseason finale of Arrow Season 6 featured the reveal of a brand new threat that can only spell disaster for Team Arrow moving forward.

Why The Flash And Other Arrow-verse Shows Need To Dramatically Reduce Episode Counts

We're pretty big fans of the Arrow-verse shows around these parts, but we'd also like if they were all a little shorter.

Could Wild Dog Betray Oliver On Arrow? Here's What The Actor Says

Rick Gonzalez shares whether he thinks Wild Dog could betray Oliver.

How Arrow's Manu Bennett Feels About Deathstroke Heading To The DCEU

Manu Bennett brought the character of Deathstroke to life on the CW's Arrow before the DC film universe was even a thing. Now, the actor has spoken out about his feelings that another actor will be playing the role on the big screen.

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What Stephen Amell Thinks The Next Arrow-verse Crossover Should Be About

The Oliver Queen actor has some thoughts on how the Arrow-verse should team up next.

6 Biggest Questions We Have After The Arrow-verse Crossover

The big "Crisis On Earth-X" crossover between the four shows of the Arrow-verse aired this week, and we have some major questions about what will happen moving forward.

How The Earth-X Crossover Changes Each of The Arrow-verse Shows

The "Crisis On Earth-X" crossover has officially aired on The CW. Read on for all the ways the shows of the Arrow-verse will be different moving forward.

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