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The Chicago Fire Actors Talk About That Big Kiss

NBC's Chicago-based Dick Wolf shows are being interrupted a bit because of football and the Olympics this year, which means that this week's "Down is Better" is officially being billed as the fall finale for the series, and it's a big one.

Why Sylvie Keeps Getting Taken Advantage Of On Chicago Fire, According To The Actress

Ever since Sylvie Brett joined Firehouse 51 during Season 3, we've seen her play a character who is kind, who is good to her friends but who often seems to be surrounded by people who are taking advantage of her in some way.

Chicago PD Will Celebrate Its 100th Episode With A Big Chicago Fire Crossover

As anyone who watches any of NBC's Chicago shows will know, crossovers between the three shows are quite common. Now, it looks like another major crossover is coming, with Chicago P.D. celebrating its 100th episode by inviting characters from Chicago Fire into the fold once again.

New DVD Releases: When To Buy The Latest Movies In August 2017

It's been a slow few months for home entertainment releases, but if you want to blow a little money, August may be the month to do it.

How NBC's Giant Chicago Crossover Did In The Ratings

NBC tried something brand new with its empire of Chicago series with its biggest crossover to date. Now, the ratings are in.

What NBC's Giant Chicago Crossover Will Be About

Tonight's epic 3-hour Chicago crossover is ripped straight from the headlines.

Chicago Fire Just Tapped A West Wing Vet For A Big Three-Show Crossover

NBC's Chicago shows are becoming almost as well known for their multi-episode crossovers as for their dramatic twists. Now, a fondly remembered West Wing vet is joining in for the next major crossover event.

The Big Way Cable Is Starting To Hurt The Network TV Model

TV has changed a lot in recent years, in some ways good and bad. A big trend has started to emerge showing how cable channels are affecting broadcast networks in a specific way.

10 Network TV Shows That  Definitely Won't Get Cancelled

2016 is coming to an end, and the time is right to look back at the shows that hit the airwaves this fall. Some did better than others in the ratings, and we've determined 10 shows on the major networks that definitely won't get cancelled.

Why Chicago Fire Went With That Dawson And Casey Twist

If you caught last night's episode, there was plenty of drama, but also a really nice moment for fans who have stuck with the series for five seasons. Here's why the show went with that story.

Why Chicago Fire Went With That Shocking Character Exit

Being a firefighter is a dangerous job that not everyone is meant to stick with for an entire lifetime, and so it goes with the characters of NBC's Chicago Fire, which bid farewell to one of its own tonight.

Why Dawson Is Going To Be A Paramedic Again On Chicago Fire

It looks like a change is coming for one of Chicago Fire's newest firefighters, as Gabriela Dawson will be making her way back to her paramedic seat on the ambulance soon. Here's why.

Where Dick Wolf's NBC Shows Could Head In The Future

Give TV mega-producer Dick Wolf a fish and some bread, and he probably wouldn't be able to feed the multitude, but he would be able to turn a television drama about fish and bread into a franchise spanning across four different shows. Where will his NBC career go next?

The Chicago Fire Cliffhanger Just Got Answered, Here's How

If you’re a fan of Chicago Fire then you know that the series had quite a nerve wracking Season 4 finale last week, which left us all wondering who of our favorites might be in bad shape next season. Well, now it looks like we know the answer.

The One Change Chicago Fire Makes To Keep Its Fires From Being Too Realistic

You can imagine that the NBC drama Chicago Fire has it particularly rough when it comes to special effects, and the show’s crew makes a dedicated effort to keep things as realistic as possible. Except for one thing.

NBC Fall 2016 Schedule Announced, Shifts Blindspot and The Blacklist

NBC revealed their Fall 2016 lineup today, giving us a look at how the week will play out over at the Peacock. Returning this fall are Chicago Med, Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D., along with The Voice, Grimm, Blindspot and others. Joining the schedule are This is Us, The Good Place and Timeless.

One Chicago Fire Character Is Heading To Chicago Med

NBC’s Chicago shows do a very good job of proving, on a weekly basis, that they are a part of the same universe. Now, one former Chicago Fire character is becoming a fixture on Chicago Med.

Chicago Law Is Moving Forward, Here's What's Happening

Some series take ages to get from the concept stage to the actual pre-production of the first season, but all it really takes is Dick Wolf and the city of Chicago to grease up the fast track to development. And the latest city-based spinoff, Chicago Law, just took another big step forward.

Chicago Fire's Third Spinoff Is Officially Moving Forward

Television super producer Dick Wolf is a great fan of building shows that can be turned into other shows. He did it to major effect with the (still running) Law & Order franchise, and a few years ago he started the process all over again with Chicago Fire. Now, he’s continuing his Chicago streak with Chicago Law.

5 Chicago Fire Spinoffs We Definitely Don't Need To See

We’ve been treated to a trifecta of shows based on emergency responders in Chicago. We first saw Chicago Fire, and were then treated to Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med. It makes sense that they’d want to keep the Chicago train rolling, right? Well, now there are tentative plans for a fourth installment, and here are some possible Chicago Fire spinoffs that we have no interest in seeing, ever.

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