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Ghostbusters 3 Is Currently In The Works, According To Dan Aykroyd
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No, SNL’s Lorne Michaels Didn’t Stop Dan Aykroyd From Joining Animal House

The comedy legend has provided his side of the story.

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Dan Aykroyd Has An Idea For A Ghostbusters Theme Park, And It Sounds Awesome

Dan Aykroyd sat down with CinemaBlend and laid out his vision for a Ghostbusters-inspired theme park, and we will now pay any amount of money to go there.

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Why Stranger Things Was Allowed To Go All Ghostbusters, According To Dan Aykroyd

Dan Aykroyd recently told CinemaBlend how Stranger Things' Ghostbusters costumes came to be.

A Live-Action Ghostbusters TV Show? Here's What Dan Aykroyd Says

Speaking with CinemaBlend, Ghostbusters co-creator Dan Aykroyd talked about a different kind of TV project for the supernatural eliminators.

How Ivan Reitman Felt About Ghostbuster References In Stranger Things Season 2

Stranger Things' kids are wearing Ghostbusters costumes in Season 2, and now we know how the original director feels about it.

Dan Aykroyd Just Doubled Down On His Ghostbusters Comments, Explained Why 2 Won't Happen

The newer movie hasn't been as big of a hit as some of the past stuff, and Aykroyd has been speaking out quite a bit lately about why the all-female remake didn't work.

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10 Great Movie Team-Ups We Want To See In Another Film

Great movie chemistry is a difficult thing to find. When you have it, your film can survive based off that alone. When two characters don't mix well, the entire movie falls apart.

The Great Outdoors Is Being Remade With An A-Lister

Truthfully, the only scene I really remember from this is "big bear chase... big bear chase... big bear chase me!" That happened when John Candy was chased by the legendary bear that roamed in the woods.

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The Original Ghostbusters Almost Visited Hell, Here’s What It Would Have Looked Like

It looks and sounds like Hell was supposed to be featured in the first Ghostbusters, and this is what it would have looked like.

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Dan Aykroyd Describes The People Trashing Leslie Jones, And He's Not Gentle

In response to Leslie Jones' harassment, many Hollywood figures have come to her defense and brought attention to the racism and sexism that is still clearly present in the world. The most recent of these advocates is none other than original Ghostbusters star Dan Aykroyd.

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The Role Dan Aykroyd Almost Played In The New Ghostbusters

Dan Aykroyd has been a part of the Ghostbusters reboot from the very beginning, on-board as an executive producer as well as a representative from the old guard. What you probably don't know, however, is that there was a time when he actually had a significant role to play in the movie.

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See Dan Aykroyd In His Ghostbusters Cameo Role

Now that this TV spot is making its way out, Sony should release an official copy. If they are going to embrace the notion that Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson and the rest of the Ghostbusters cast appear in the remake, then show them off!

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Dan Aykroyd Has Seen The New Ghostbusters And He Has Some Strong Opinions

No film slated to hit theaters this year has a harder uphill battle than Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters remake. From day one, the Internet was set ablaze with people aggressively hating on the upcoming film – panning everything from the gender-swapped leads to the lack of involvement by the original cast.

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The Blues Brothers May Be Coming Back, But There's A Twist

Remakes are all the rage, and while the more uninspired revivals might inspire some negative feelings, there’s one new project that will give you the blues in the best way possible. Get ready to see the return of the Blues Brothers.

How Dan Aykroyd Actually Feels About Bill Murray Refusing To Make Ghostbusters 3

The popularity of the Ghostbusters franchise is kind of an amazing thing to behold when you consider that it’s really only the first movie that is so beloved. Even a mediocre at best sequel could not tarnish people’s desire to see more.

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Who The Ghostbusters Almost Battled At The End Of The First Film

Ghostbusters was an immediate classic when it was released in 1984. Arguable one of the best scenes in the movie is the climactic battle between the team and a giant marshmallow man. Now we know that another creature was almost our movie ending villain.

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Deleted Ghostbusters Scenes Show Bill Murray And Dan Aykroyd Playing Two Different Characters

If there’s an upside to the ridiculous arguments over the upcoming new Ghostbusters film it’s that people are giving the original film another look. Turns out there are a few interesting things from that film that you may not know about.

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Ghostbusters Reboot Adds Two More Original Cast Members

As Paul Feig wraps up the last days of shooting his Ghostbusters reboot, more news on the surprise guest roles have come to light, including a couple more original members of the Ghostbusters team.

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Why The New Ghostbusters Have To Distance Themselves From The Old Ghostbusters

Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters might end up being a funny and scary standalone film, and no one will compare the success of the 2016 film to the accomplishments of the original. But at the moment, Murray and Aykroyd feel like the elephants in a freshly painted room, and I for one am really puzzled as to why Feig would invite these recognizable guests to his party.

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