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Daveed Diggs On Constantly Feeling Like He's Being Typecast As Hamilton's Thomas Jefferson
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What The Original Hamilton Cast Is Doing Now

Here's what Hamilton's original Broadway cast has done since their final curtain call in the enormously successful sensation.

TNT's Snowpiercer: 9 Big Questions We Have After Episode 8

How does this show continue to get crazier?

Snowpiercer: 9 Big Questions We Have After Episode 7

Things are, ironically if not literally, going off the rails on Snowpiercer.

10 Great Independent Movies Written By A Person Of Color

There are so many great indies out there, here's a few good ones by people of color.

Snowpiercer: 9 Big Questions We Have After Episode 6

This week's Snowpiercer predictably delivered more questions, but maybe less problems?

TNT's Snowpiercer: 10 Big Questions We Have After Episode 5

A lot just happened on Snowpiercer, which may send the storyline in many different directions.

TNT's Snowpiercer: 8 Big Questions We Have After Episode 4

The plot has gotten even thicker than the Snowpiercer's bug bars in this recent episode.

Why Hamilton’s Daveed Diggs Is 'Terrified' Of  The Show Streaming On Disney+
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Hamilton: Everything You Need To Know About The Original Broadway Cast

Don't throw away your shot! Get to know Hamilton before it hits theaters in 2021.

The Little Mermaid Remake Has Found Its Sebastian The Crab

You can’t have The Little Mermaid without a singing crab.

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Daveed Diggs' Rise From Experimental Hip-Hop To Hamilton's Marquis De Lafayette

Before Daveed Diggs became Marquis De Lafayette in Hamilton, the actor/musician had an impressive career path. Let's look back at Diggs' early rise to fame.

Zach Braff's New TV Show Is Moving Forward

For years, Zach Braff was a TV regular thanks to ABC's Scrubs, and he's closer than ever to reclaiming that small screen throne.

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