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What The Contagion Cast Is Doing Now

This year marks the 10-year anniversary of Contagion. Here's what the cast has been up to lately...

Gillian Jacobs And Demetri Martin Have A Quirky Meet-Cute In Exclusive Dean Movie Clip

Dean first played for audiences at the Tribeca Film Festival, where it took home the prize for Best Narrative Feature in 2016. The reviews were overwhelmingly positive.

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Demetri Martin Animated Pitch Picked Up By Fox

I was particularly excited when I first heard that stand-up comedian Demetri Martin was getting his own television show on Comedy Central, Important Things with Demetri Martin...then I tuned in. Even with the expert advice and tutelage of Jon Stewart (Martin formerly wrote for The Daily Show), the show never really found its voice and therefore floundered towards a second-season cancellation. Now, Martin is coming back.

Jonah Hill Replacing Demetri Martin In Moneyball

Brad Pitt is apparently still on board to play A's general manager Billy Beane, despite the fact that Soderbergh has bailed. While it's hard to imagine Hill playing a Harvard graduate economics whiz

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Interview: Taking Woodstock's Demetri Martin

Though the cast of Taking Woodstock is crammed with acting veterans, from Broadway stars like Liev Schreiber and Jonathan Groff to screen talents like Imelda Staunton and Eugene Levy, at the center of everything is a complete newcomer, Demetri Martin

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Interview: Taking Woodstock's Liev Schreiber

In addition to drag queen history, and his mom's childhood friend named Silverbell, Schreiber talked about working with newcomer Demetri Martin, the spirit of camaraderie on Ang Lee's set, and how helpful it is to walk around in a corse

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Exclusive Interview: James Schamus

James Schamus is not your average screenwriter. Not only has he written some of the best scripts of Ang Lee's career, including Lust, Caution and The Ice Storm, but he's also the president of Focus Features, one of the few independent distribution arms that still alive

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See What's So Funny About Important Things With Demetri Martin On DVD

Who’s Demetri Martin? It’s a valid question, but in another month Demetri Martin may become a household name. Not only does Martin play Elliot Tiber in Ang Lee’s upcoming film Taking Woodstock, he also has his own show on Comedy Central

Steven Soderbergh Talks Moneyball

At a roundtable interview for The Girlfirend Experience a few weeks ago (more on that later), Soderbergh said Moneyball isn't just his next project, but one that's been in the making for a long while

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Taking Woodstock Images: Free Love With Demetri Martin

Focus has just sent us new images from Demetri Martin’s hippy flick Taking Woodstock. Set in 1969 the movie follows a down-on-his-luck interior designer who moves upstate and inadvertently helps stage Woodstock

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Soderbergh Bets On Whiz Kid Demetri Martin

I have absolutely no idea why anyone would be interested in this movie, even with the added value of Pitt and Martin. Remember, Soderbergh is a guy who made not one but two movies about Che Guevara wandering around in a jungle

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