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How Muhammad Ali And Malcolm X’s Families Influenced Netflix’s Blood Brothers Documentary

The daughters of Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X played a huge role in telling this story.

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The Big Misconception About Malcolm X And Muhammad Ali's Friendship, According To The Director Of Netflix's Blood Brothers
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Wait, The New Anthony Bourdain Documentary Deepfaked His Voice?

The director of Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain has explained how the film's voice over came to be.

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No, Jessica Simpson Has Not Seen The Framing Britney Spears Doc, Explains Why She Refuses To Watch

Jessica Simpson explains why she refuses to watch Framing Britney Spears.

Tom Brady's Man In The Arena Trailer Features Blunt Thoughts From Bill Belichick And Drew Bledsoe
Unsolved Mysteries Fan Theory Supported As New Evidence Comes To Light

Some interesting evidence has surfaced regarding a featured episode in Unsolved Mysteries.

HBO's McMillions: Episode 2 Reveals The Plan To Question The Winners

The second episode of HBO's McMillions reveals the FBI's latest effort to learn more information to crack down this surprising case.

The Cord Cutter Podcast #40: Streaming Documentaries

Welcome to the 40th edition of The Cord Cutter Podcast! This week we have a rare treat for our favorite cord cutters. CinemaBlend videographer Jeff McCobb joins Mick and Adrienne with an interview with documentary filmmaker Noah Moskin to talk about his Netflix film, One More Shot! We'll talk about that movie, and several other documentaries and docu-series on today's episode!

Somebody Is Making A Documentary About GoldenEye 007

One of the classic first-person shooter games that literally popularized FPS titles on home consoles back in the 1990s, will be getting its own documentary. That's right, somebody is actually making a documentary about Rare's GoldenEye 007.

New Virtual Reality Project Will Let You Explore A Real-Life Forbidden Location

It’s already a given that the future of virtual reality will extend far beyond gaming and into the realm of travel and tourism. So it’s no surprise that a new VR project from The Farm 51 will include a virtual documentary about the totally forbidden and uninhabitable Chernobyl.

Amy Winehouse's Family Has Huge Problems With The Singer's Upcoming Documentary

In just a few weeks the world will get their first look at the Amy Winehouse documentary, Amy which promises to take a deeper look into the life of the six-time Grammy Award-winning artist and her tragic story leading up to an early death from alcohol poisoning. It’s well known that Winehouse had her problems, but apparently, the documentary may take it too far.

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Leonard Nimoy's Son Is Making A Documentary About Spock

Because of his expansive fan base and inspiration that a documentary about Leonard Nimoy’s life and the character whom he brought to life took fruition. And no better person to produce and direct the film than Nimoy’s own son, Adam Nimoy.

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HBO To Air New Documentaries On Monday Nights

HBO kicked off a brand new documentary lineup last Monday night. Presumably, it hasn’t been a big hit, because this Monday, the subscription cable network has put together a press release letting fans of the network know that this documentary lineup is here to stay. On Monday nights, HBO plans to release original documentaries, as well as encore presentations of past documentaries. You better watch out, NBC’s The Blacklist.

The Music Of Inside Llewyn Davis Is Celebrated In New Showtime Documentary

This doc takes audiences on the stage of Town Hall and behind the scenes of a special concert that was held during this year's New York Film Festival, featuring talent like Joan Baez, Patti Smith, Jack White, Marcus Mumford, the Avett Brothers, Rhiannon Giddens, Punch Brothers, Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, Willie Watson, The Milk Carton Kids, Colin Meloy, Lake Street Dive, and Oscar Isaac, star of Inside Llewyn Davis.

Experts And Stars Dissect The Life Of J.D. Salinger In Doc Trailer

The trailer for the upcoming investigative documentary Salinger explains that the reclusive author stopped publishing in 1965, despite wide acclaim. But this didn't stop the demand for his works or for contact with him, leading to some relentlessly seeking out a man who didn't want to be found.

Death At SeaWorld At Center Of Blackfish Trailer

As kids, many of us were caught up in the wonder of SeaWorld, an amusement park that allowed us into the splash zone where we could get close—but not too close—to the incredible animals of the ocean. Shamu is essentially SeaWorld's mascot, a killer whale character played by various orcas all across North America. But there have been times when these killer whales live up to the darker aspect of their names, turning on their trainers.

Sandy Hook Victims' Parents Want To Keep Sensitive Photos From Going Public

Parents of the children killed during the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting last December have started a petition in an effort to get the state of Connecticut to pass legislature that will keep sensitive information surrounding the horrific ordeal from the public. The petition directly references Michael Moore "and other hoaxers" looking to use photos and audio from the tragedy to push their own agenda. In Moore's case, gun legislation.

Yuck! Fourth Grader Covertly Films School Lunches For Documentary

Zachary was inspired to create this project after noticing how erroneous the Department of Education website was when describing the lunch menus, which were supposed to be nutritious and of restaurant quality. To prove his point, Zachary covertly filmed 75 of his school’s lunch breaks over a period of six months.

Backstreet Boys Are Back With Tell-All Documentary And Tour

Over the years the band has seen some shakeups. In 2006, Richardson memorably left the group. But since he recently rejoined it, the founding five have big plans for their fast approaching 20th anniversary. This April, the reunited boy band will be releasing a new album, and will be going on a world tour that kicks off in May. As Kijak expects to wrap shooting on the project this fall, it's safe to assume his doc will take advantage of the tour, possibly shooting for 3D...

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Dave Grohl Exposes Rock's Best Kept Secret In Documentary Sound City

Aside from an uncredited cameo in last year's The Muppets, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has never seemed very interesting in expanding into cinema. But from Nirvana to Foo Fighters to Them Crooked Vultures, one thing that’s clear about Grohl is his deep passion for music and its creation\

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