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Why Elysium Sucks, According To The Director Of Elysium

In retrospect, director Neill Blomkamp’s sophomore directorial effort, Elysium, was a disappointment. As it turns out, these failings aren’t lost on the movie’s filmmaker, and now he’s come forward to admit that he “fucked it up.”

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Matt Damon's Elysium Exoskeleton Comes To Life Thanks To A Fan

While most people who consider themselves a fan of a movie typically celebrate that fanhood with the occasional reference or rewatch, there are others who just feel compelled to try and bring the fictional reality to life. For example, we've seen the world of comic books inspire geeks to create things like Spider-Man web shooters, Iron Man laser gauntlets, and retractable Wolverine claws.

Neill Blomkamp Sued For Allegedly Stealing The Idea For Elysium

According to the claim, Steve Wilson Briggs wrote a screenplay called Butterfly Driver back in May 2005 and he claims that Blomkamp and the studios stole elements from his idea, including the "plot, characters, unusual settings, themes, conflict, catalyst, crisis, climax-twist, the hero’s unique 'character-affiliation,' the hero’s 'keepsake necklace' and more."

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Elysium Will Hit Blu-ray And DVD Just Before The Holidays

There were a flurry of futuristic action films that came out in the past year or so and each of them seemed to have a big star attached. The most recent of these was Elysium, a decently big budget adventure story starring Matt Damon. If you missed the movie in theaters, you’ll be able to catch it when it hits Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD on December 17.

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Now Streaming: Netflix Instant Alternatives To Elysium, Kick-Ass 2, And Lee Daniels' The Butler

Looking to Elysium, Kick-Ass 2, and Lee Daniels’ The Butler for inspiration, we've pulled together a selection of dystopian future science fiction, dark superhero stories, and docudramas that chronicle major moments in U.S. history.

Is Elysium Another Victim Of A Wildly Unpredictable Summer Movie Season?

Let's be honest-- predicting and understanding box office involves a whole lot of guesswork and 20/20 hindsight. If anyone could accurately know what audiences will go for, Disney never would have poured a bunch of cash into The Lone Ranger, and Warner Bros. would have filmed all three Hangover movies back-to-back before the actors started asking for more money.

Weekend Box Office: Elysium Soars Over The Millers, Planes and Percy Jackson

There was a lot of new movies demanding attention this weekend, and the love from audiences was spread pretty thin.

Number one went to Elysium, banking just $30 million. That's a let down for director Neill Blomkamp whose last rated R sci-fi film (and his first every feature film as well), District 9 managed a $37 million opening in 2009, and that was without big names like Damon and Foster on the billing.

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Elysium Scrambles To The Top Of Crowded Friday Box Office

A lot of very different movies are jostling for attention at the box office this weekend, but so far it's the most typical summer blockbuster that's coming out on top. Elysium, the sci-fi film starring Matt Damon and directed by District 9's Neill Blomkamp, was the highest earner on Friday, making $11.2 million on its opening day

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Operation Kino 126 Review: Searching For Healthcare And Good Sci-Fi On Elysium

This week we've shed the shackles of Earth and made our way to the skies to reach Elysium, the new film from District 9 director Neill Blomkamp. Can it live up to the expectations from his first film? Is Matt Damon's health care plan really that bad? Patches, Dave and David reveal all in their review, in addition to picking your answers to our lightning around about forgotten Disney classics

Is Elysium's Cyborg Suit Possible? Believe It Or Not, Yes

I wondered how close we were these kind of scientific breakthroughs, and so I turned to my childhood friend and cousin Jim Salvia, who went from being a brainy kid to an electrical engineer who while getting his PhD at Stanford worked on the technology that now allows quadriplegics to operate computers with their brains.

Escaping To Elysium With Matt Damon, Neill Blomkamp And Sharlto Copley

This weekend, the director of District 9 is once again bringing an enthralling, thought-provoking piece of original science-fiction to theaters nationwide. The sophomore effort from writer/director Neill Blomkamp, Elysium is set in a not-too-distant future where the richest of the rich have fled the Earth and moved to a luxurious space station where all disease has been eliminated. Meanwhile, the poor are stranded on the dying planet

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This Rotten Week: Predicting Elysium, Percy Jackson, We're the Millers and Planes Reviews

Bunch of movies on the Rotten slate this week, which means we shouldn’t waste any time getting down to business. This time we’ll take a trip to Elysium, sun some drugs with the Millers, fly a bunch of animated planes and touch base with Percy Jackson again

Elysium Extended Trailer Delivers New Footage

The set up and pacing of the trailer are quite similar to the other extended trailer that was released last month, only with another 25 seconds or so of new footage spliced in. A good chunk of that extra time is put together from Adrian Holmes’ character Manuel showing Matt Damon how to work his weapons, one of which he tests out against a robot drone.

Matt Damon Straps On His Armor In Latest Clip From Elysium

In the movie, Damon stars as Max De Costa, an ex-con/factory worker living in a future where society has been completely divided by class. While the poor and middle classes try to survive on what's left of the planet's resources, the rich people of the world have all moved to Elysium, a space station where all crime, sickness and violence has been eliminated. When Max is involved in an accident at work, however, he is left poisoned and with only a few days to live.

Neill Blomkamp Originally Wanted Eminem To Star In Elysium

But we’ve seen Matt Damon holding a gun in the bulk of the promo stills. Far more interesting was the article, which covered his political message (or lack thereof) with Elysium, a District 10 update, and his original casting choices for Damon’s Max De Costa character.

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Neill Blomkamp's Elysium Heading To IMAX Theaters

Neill Blomkamp's Elysium has promise to be one of the biggest sci-fi adventures of the summer. The South African writer/director blew us all away with his 2009 debut, the Academy Award nominated District 9, and it appears that he has actually upped the ante for his sophomore effort. Not only does the movie feature big name stars like Matt Damon and Jodie Foster, the story itself plays out on an epic scale...

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Matt Damon Is A Cyborg In Elysium's Latest Trailer

Imagine a future where mankind has developed the technology to cure all disease. Imagine a future where war is a distant memory and poverty a distant concept. In Neil Blomkamp's upcoming science fiction epic Elysium this future is real…well, for the privileged anyway.

Matt Damon Goes On A Mission To Save The World In Extended Elysium Trailer

Both written and directed by Blomkamp, the new movie is set in a future where all of the world's richest people have moved off of the planet's surface to a space station called Elysium. But while the floating paradise is free of all war, violence and disease, the people that remain on Earth struggle to survive.

Matt Damon Runs And Panics In Elysium Image, New Trailer Arrives Tomorrow

The movie stars Damon as Max, a former criminal who lives on the surface of a future Earth where the rich have all moved to a space station in the sky called Elysium. While the 1% leaves a completely peaceful existence free of all violence and disease, the poor and middle classes still living on the planet struggle to survive.

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Matt Damon Gears Up For Class Warfare In Elysium Trailer

Set in 2159, Elysium is named for a perfect man-made paradise that floats above the ruins of Earth. People still live on Earth's surface, but these are the unlucky forced to exist in an overpopulated, impoverished hell hole overrun by crime and chaos.

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