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Titans Season 3 Has Cast Its Scarecrow, But Will He Be Better Than Gotham’s?

How will Titans’ Scarecrow compare to the last one we got on live-action TV?

Don’t Expect HBO Max’s Batman TV Show To Be A Gotham Copycat

More details about HBO Max's newest Batman series is being released, and while it seems similar to Fox's Gotham, don't expect a copycat.

Paul Reubens: 11 Non-Pee-wee Characters He's Played In Movies And Televisions

You know who Pee-wee Herman is, but what else is he?

What The Gotham Cast Is Doing Now

Once a Gothamite always a Gothamite?

The Resident Adds Former Gotham Villain As Hot-Tempered New Character

This Gotham star should be a nice fit for The Resident.

The Resident Evil Reboot Is Adding A Gotham Star

Another impressive addition joins the already amazing cast.

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The 10 Best Jada Pinkett Smith Performances

From comedies to thrillers there isn't much Jada Pinkett Smith can't do.

What To Watch On Netflix If You Love Superheroes

Netflix is a plentiful hub of great superhero content

The 10 Best Batman-Related DC TV Shows, Ranked

No DC TV show can escape the Batman's shadow

The 10 Best Superhero TV Shows Of The Decade, Ranked

We've pulled together the 10 best superhero TV shows of the past ten years.

How Gotham Star Changed His Look To Be Less Recognizable For Netflix's You Season 2
All The Live-Action Catwoman Actresses, Ranked

Who was the purr-fect Catwoman? Let's rank the lovely women who have donned the whip and spandex to play the cat-tivating part.

The Joker's Various Origin Stories, Explained

“If I’m going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice.”

8 Classic DC Actors We'd Love To See Appear In 'Crisis On Infinite Earths'

If classic DC actors are reprising their past roles in "Crisis On Infinite Earths," here's who we'd like to see.

Gotham And Swamp Thing’s Crystal Reed Talks Differences Between DC Comic Shows

DC TV veteran Crystal Reed chatted with CinemaBlend about differences between Gotham and Swamp Thing.

HeroBlend #53: Avengers: Endgame Writers Christopher Markus And Stephen McFeely

Welcome to HeroBlend #53! It's time to go over our most pressing Avengers: Endgame questions, plus we have Eric's interview with Endgame's writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely!

Cameron Monaghan And More Gotham Stars Reveal If They'd Return To Their Roles In The Future

Gotham is over, but fans are still hoping that universe will live on in some way in the future. Here's what Cameron Monaghan and other stars told us about possibly reprising their roles.

Why Gotham Never Officially Introduced Two-Face

For years, Gotham fans have wanted to see what the drama's take on Harvey Dent's Two-Face would be. The showrunner revealed to us why it never happened.

The 20 Biggest Gotham Deaths Of All Time, Ranked

Gotham has killed off (and brought back) many characters over its five-year run. Here, we're running down all the biggest ones.

How Gotham's Oswald Finally Became The True Penguin For The Finale, According To Robin Lord Taylor

The Gotham series finale allowed Penguin to embrace his status as an iconic villain, and actor Robin Lord Taylor explained the transformation in a chat with CinemaBlend.

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