Every so often, a TV show comes around that’s just too big for the small screen, no matter how loudly a person screams about how big and bodacious their TV is. HBO’s Game of Thrones proved that quite nicely this past weekend with a run of highly lucrative IMAX screenings that not only brought the exquisite Season 5 trailer to audiences, but allowed them to watch two of the series’ best episodes in a ridiculously high-quality format. And you can bet this won’t be the last time that happens.

While it probably isn’t the cheapest or least laborious way to give fans a new interaction with a beloved show, the IMAX experience is still the ultimate way for a visual medium to imprint itself on one’s eyeballs. So here are five series that we think would make for absolutely incredible IMAX viewings, and ones that wouldn’t make us grumble too much as we reached for our wallets in line at the theater. The three of you hoping to see Father Dowling Mysteries on here will walk away disappointed.

A skimpier forefather of the wonder that was Starz’s Spartacus, Zack Snyder’s 300 (and its gorgeously flawed sequel) had a successful enough run on IMAX screens. So we know what could be. Now all we need is for IMAX to reach out to creator Stephen S. DeKnight and Starz to give audiences all the shirtless, blood-stained battles they can handle by putting Spartacus on the mega-screen. A series that makes the most of its budget at every turn, this historical action drama is filled with lush locations and outstanding sequences that would leave thrilled audiences dodging the larger-than-life blood spatter as it flies in their direction. And who doesn’t love giant boobs and dongs?

Best Episodes for IMAX: If we’re assuming it’s mostly fans going to see Spartacus in all its remastered glory, then let’s go ahead and bookend things, pairing the throat-slashing series premiere with the horrifyingly gory War of the Damned finale.

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