Your televisions have never been home to more scripted series than they were in 2015, and this overall peak in recent years has seen a sizeable trickle of comic book TV shows emerging and (mostly) surviving. To be expected, the subgenre’s popularity is all over the map as far as viewership goes, although nearly every show boasting a faithful and vocal fanbase, regardless of how many people are tuning in.

Here are the 10 most popular comic book TV shows of 2015, at least as far as ratings are concerned. We’re unfortunately having to make this a strictly “TV” thing, as streaming services like Netflix don’t offer up hard numbers for its audiences, so there’s no real way to tell how many people are watching Jessica Jones or Daredevil. (Playstation’s Powers also isn’t on this list, for the same reason.) Let’s puts our brains to work for the first entry.

10. iZombie
The rare zombie show that contains far more quirky comedy and personal drama than horror, iZombie hasn’t been much of a ratings smash for The CW since its premiere earlier this year. Only the Season 1 premiere nabbed over 2 million live viewers, and the numbers definitely dipped in Season 2. Regardless, both the network and have faith in the show, and for good reason, as the creative foundation of Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright gives iZombie the kind of offbeat spark that isn’t often seen in procedurals of any kind.

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