In this day and age of television, character deaths are a strong form of currency, and one that inflation has affected many times over. We usually see them during season finales (or midseason finales), which gives fans long hiatuses to consider how the writers will resolve the ramifications of the deaths. But some characters don’t require major episodes for their demises, and they just need to get off of the show as quickly as possible, for any number of reasons.

As such, we’ve put on our most morbid thinking caps and have come up with 10 characters who absolutely need to meet their makers in the very near future. Or at least by the time 2015 comes to a close, for shows that are caught between seasons at the moment. May they all rest in pieces. (Also, be wary of some plot spoilers for some of the shows discussed.)

Laurel Lance (Arrow)
I’m fairly certain that if Arrow found a way to kill off Katie Cassidy’s Laurel, she would die with the most emotionally fraught look on her face, and the writers would figure out a way to show her in the afterlife, whining and complaining about her own death. Beyond her overall annoying presence – which isn’t a knock on the actress, Internet jerks who like to troll performers – Laurel’s problems can generally be sourced back to her own actions, which isn’t the best way to keep one’s narrative importance very high. Kill her off and let the more interesting characters get more story time.

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