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The Scariest Haunted Episodes, Ranked, Including Season 3

Here are the six episodes of Netflix's Haunted that keep me up at night.

11 Awesome TV Shows Appearing On Netflix In May 2021

There's a lot to love about the shows coming to Netflix in May.

13 Frighteningly Good Shows Coming To Netflix In October 2019

Not all of these upcoming Netflix originals are spooky, but they are frighteningly good.

10 Great Horror Novels That Need TV Adaptations Immediately

As we’re on the eve of Lifetime’s TV movie Big Driver, based on Stephen King’s Full Dark No Stars novella, there’s no better time than now to look at ten(ish) horror novels that need to find their way to the small screen immediately. There are millions of psyches out there that just aren’t damaged enough, dammit.

Haunted Brings Adventure Gaming To PC Dec 11th

The adventure genre is alive and well in a PC game all about death, Haunted. Publishers Viva Media and dtp Entertainment have today announced that the point-and-click trek through the world of the dead will be making an appearance in the U.S. on Dec. 19.

Haunted, 3D Adventure Game Joins Steam's Greenlight

Joining just in time to gather some upvotes before Valve approves more games on November 30th, dtp Entertainment's Haunted has joined the line-up. The game is a classic point-and-click adventure title set within a wacky, dark universe. The game looks surprisingly good to be a small title and carries some witty dialog to boot.

Matthew Fox's Pre-Lost Series Haunted Coming To DVD This April

Before Matthew Fox spent six seasons being kind of a dick as Dr. Jack Shephard on LOST, the actor headlined the short-lived supernatural drama Haunted on UPN

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