Octavia Spencer Has A Ghost In Her House, But Told Ellen She Loves Him

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There are a number of spooky things that many of us would likely rather not have to deal with during our lives. While I imagine that things like demonic possession, werewolf attacks, and being enthralled by a vampire all rank pretty high on that list, living in a house with a ghost is probably also among one of the top items. On the other hand, actress Octavia Spencer does believe she has a ghost in her home, but recently told Ellen DeGeneres that she actually loves him.

Now, before you start down the wrong path and think that Oscar winner Octavia Spencer is embroiled in her very own ghost sex situation, she wasn’t saying that she’s in love with the presence in her home. When Spencer appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show recently, she simply revealed that her house-bound spirit just seems to be a gentle sort who likes to help her out in certain situations. As she explained:

Well, I grew up watching Westerns, and I bought this house, and it was owned by a guy who did Westerns, so I must have been a fan of his. And I think he is my protector, like I love him. He kind of sorts out the bad people that shouldn’t be there. He runs ’em out. If they stay at my place, they don’t wanna come back. So…and that’s how I know that they don’t belong here. If you’re a person that belongs there, everybody is like, ‘Oh, your place is so welcoming. It’s so great.’ And that’s how I feel about it.

I mean, if you’re going to live in a house that’s inhabited by a specter of some sort, it does seem like it would be best for that ghostly soul to at least be helpful to you in some way, right? Even though Spencer clearly believes that her ghost is the person who owned the home previously, it could really be anyone, so it’s good that they’ve found a purpose in the afterlife by running off unsavory individuals and acting as kind of a “protector” for the star.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have something that magically kept a variety of stupid or just plain bad people away from what is supposed to be your sanctuary? Whether you’re a homeowner, or the proud occupant of an apartment, you’ve probably had at least one instance where you ended up regretting having someone over. With a protector ghost on your side, though, there would be no need to kick that person out or have a difficult conversation about how they’re not invited back. The ghostie could just give them the whim whams and convince them that your home is not the place to be. Easy peasy!

But, before you think that living with a ghost has been 100% grand for Octavia Spencer, with it cleaning her kitchen and running bubble baths for her or something, it turns out that it does get a little creepy here and there. When DeGeneres asked if anything weird ever happens in her house because of the haunting, Spencer continued:

Well, if I leave for a long time, he’s a little shady. The doors close. The lights go off when they’re turned on.

Yeah, see, that’s the part that worries me. It’s all fun and games when your ghost keeps burglars away from the house, but what if you inadvertently piss it off? Might it retaliate in a way that is far less subtle and easy to deal with than messing with the lights and doors? Honestly, I hope me and Octavia Spencer never find out. 

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