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One Game Of Thrones Star Actually Thought The Final Season Was ‘Brave’ And ‘The Best Televison’

This former Game of Thrones stars still stands behind the final season 100%.

Game Of Thrones Vet Iwan Rheon Reveals The Episode Leading To The 'Worst Day Of My Career'

Game of Thrones' Iwan Rheon has some thoughts about one of Ramsay Bolton's scenes.

8 Actors Who Would Be Perfect To Play Lestat In The Vampire Chronicles TV Show

Lestat will glide across our screens soon, but who will fill the iconic shoes left by Tom Cruise?

Game Of Thrones’ Ramsay Bolton Actor Will Be A Lot More ‘Charming’ In Next TV Role
9 Actors DC Should Get To Play Joker In His Origin Movie

With a Joker origin movie on the way, we've compiled a list of nine performers who could absolutely nail the role. Let's dive in and talk them out!

A Game Of Thrones Fan-Favorite Will Star In Marvel's Inhumans

We've known for a while now that Marvel's Inhumans would be moving forward as a TV series. The project has already hired Dexter alum Scott Buck as the showrunner on the new project, and this week it looks like Inhumans is moving forward at an even faster rate.

Watch Ramsay Bolton Try And Convince Us He's A Good Guy In Hilarious Red Nose Day Clip

Red Nose Day is a great cause to raise money to help children all around the world, and many actors bring their characters to motivate audiences to donate. Ramsay Bolton himself swung by to help, and the results were slightly terrifying...but mostly hilarious.

Bet You Can Guess Which Game Of Thrones Actor Is Playing Hitler For His Next Role

There’s no denying that Game of Thrones has been the home of several characters that would be held up as absolute monsters of the modern world. But only one person in the Seven Kingdoms immediately draws comparisons to Adolf Hitler.

Game Of Thrones: The Unlikely People That Ramsay Bolton Is Based Off Of

Game of Thrones has crafted its fair share of despicable characters over the years, but none so despicable as Ramsay Bolton. Actor Iwan Rheon has revealed an unlikely group of people that he's used as inspiration for his performance.

How Game Of Thrones' Iwan Rheon Feels About Playing A Character Like Ramsay Bolton

In a show filled with murderers, characters filled with intense moral ambiguity and some of the meanest people ever to vie for a throne, Game of Thrones’ Ramsay Bolton is the absolute top of the bottom rung of humanity. Here's how the actor who portrays him really feels about him.

How Game Of Thrones' Ramsay Bolton Thinks The Character Should Die

At this point in Game of Thrones’ run, audiences have seen all forms of emotionally driven subject matter. Just think of almost every scene that has Ramsay Bolton in it. As it happens, viewers aren’t the only ones that want to Ramsay to go out in a blaze of non-glory. So does the actor that portrays him.

Has HBO Found The Bastard Of Bolton For Game Of Thrones Season 3?

During SDCC, HBO added more actors to Game of Thrones than most other series have in their entire ensembles and even though the announcement featured several fan favorites, there were still several major characters expected to appear in Season 3 that were not mentioned. One of the most notable absences was the Bastard of Bolton, Ramsay Snow but that part has since been filled.

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